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Weekend in photos

I’m not lying when I say our weekends always start like this. Every day starts with coffee, but weekdays are usually just nespresso lattes in bed (maybe…)

I bought this gorgeous book on the language of flowers mainly due to its cover, but it wasn’t necessary to decode what my tulips were telling me. Namely “we’re dead lady! Replace us please!” hehe

Mike bought me this sparkling rose moscato and it was an almost too tasty! Just give me all of the pink things and I will be happy (true story)

Penny from Sly Pony made me a mini resin planter and it is an absolute dream!!! My crazy face doesn’t even show just how excited I was when I saw this!

She completely spoiled me with all these belated birthday gifts over the weekend – the custom planter, bangles, studs, donut earrings and this gorgeous pink happiness planner by Brand Mentalist. I’m not going to lie, I’m a little nervous about filling it out – it’s so indepth and I’m not exactly the best at goal setting (or being organised and focused..!), so it will be a challenge, but one that I’m pretty excited to tackle. Let my 100 days to happiness begin!

These blossoms are in full bloom and I adore them! I’ve always dreamt of living in a tiny cottage with cherry blossoms in the front and apple and pear trees out the back…total dream ♥

What did your weekend look like?

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