tokyo dreaming

so it happened…
after months of trying to convince everyone I know to book a trip to Japan (so i can live vicariously through them, of course!) and weeks of pining over the influx of cherry blossom pics clogging up my instagram feed (seriously – was everyone in Tokyo this year?! so jealous!) we caved and booked a trip over! ♥ ♥

Half an hour after clicking the Jetstar sale link and telling Mike i was ‘just having a look’ (hah!) we had return tickets for 2 booked for under $800! yes!! I’m so excited, i’m pretty sure i spent the rest of the evening in a total daze imagining all the wonder that is to come…oh, and instagram stalking too! I just had to go back over all those pics that had popped up in my feed and then add even more cafes to my ‘must visit’ list!

Our last trip to Japan was a little over a year ago, but after leaving planning to the last minute we found ourselves rushing from place to place, never having time to just relax in one spot and fully take it all in. We also only ended up in Tokyo for a couple of days at the beginning and end of our trip, and it just felt very rushed. We’re planning on doing this trip differently – setting up in one (or two) locations over 2 weeks and just fully immersing ourselves in our surroundings.

If you’ve been to Tokyo recently, any hints and tips are more than welcome! Have you been in Autumn? this is our first time and i’ve been told the colours are out of this world! ♥

Give me all the plum wine and crazy flavoured kit kats please!
6 months till we’re back and i absolutely cannot wait!


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