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Spring sprang sprung

We did it! Melbourne gave us a whole two (and a half!) days of sunny, warm, beautiful Spring weather…before disappearing as quickly as it arrived. But ohh how lovely it was while it lasted!
I managed to bust out two of my new vintage dresses – my blue gingham wrap dress from Gypsy Goth Vintage as well as a summery pink floral dress i picked up from Yesterday People, and I was as happy as could be ♥

Winter has had me wearing the same dresses over and over again and I just can’t wait for bare legs and an endless supply of vintage pretties to parade around in.

I’m so excited that I may have purchased another couple of pretties for my collection! ♥ ♥ eeee somebody please stop me already (but actually don’t because YAY cute new vintage dresses!!) I know I said that i’m buying these to ‘replace’ the older dresses in my collection, but who am I kidding! It’s more so that I can rotate all of them ♥ vintage dress hoarder right here. 😉

So please, come on down Spring! we’re so ready for you.

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