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slow down

And somehow it’s September…

While I’m sad to say farewell to my birthday month, I’m definitely glad to see the end of this horrible back pain! This past week and a half has definitely tested my patience, and also taught me that I need to learn to slow (and calm) down.
I’ve always known it’s not one of my strong points, but I never realised just how difficult it is for me to relax! What’s with that?!

I’m my own worst critic, always, and I find a way to overanalyse anything and everything! There’s nothing like being stuck in bed to show you your complete lack of patience. (case in point – right after doing my back in I walked to work! I missed the bus and instead of just calling in sick, I struggled through to get there, only to be rightfully sent home! So stubborn!)

So for September I want to learn to slow down a little (a lot?), take a deep breath, stop overanalysing and just be and live more in the moment…
Definitely not too much to ask, right?

Happy first few days of Spring (or Fall for my friends up north!)

Today is for coffee and donuts and fresh flowers from the farmers market (always!) ♥


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