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Our friend Mark sent us these photos from our trip earlier this year to Salvation Mountain and the Salton Sea, and if we ever start a band, these two are in the running for our album cover! πŸ˜‰ I loved this trip so much and seeing these has brought back so many memories ♥

I’ve actually been housebound (bed bound! ugh!) the past 4 days after injuring my back, so I’ve been editing down my iPhoto library from a hard drive copy that Mike made for me. Turns out that move was rather fortuitous, as our iMac pooped itself yesterday, taking my library with it! At least now I can condense, edit and rebuild my library! I’ve already managed to delete 10,000 photos, so i’m getting there slowly…
This photo has me missing my platinum locks like crazy though! Those first two weeks of fresh ice blonde hair were just golden! Quite possibly the best hair of my life ♥

Hopefully my back heals up quickly and I can get back on my feet soon! As Mike has stated more than once, I am the most impatient patient he’s ever known! whoops! sorry babe πŸ˜‰ haha

Have a wonderful week!



Hobart via IPhone

My new camera is nothing short of amazing, but the amount of videos I took on our trip sent my iPhoto library into meltdown mode (sorrrrrryy!), so for now I thought I’d share some of my iPhone snaps.

Early mornings = breakfast (with a view!) in the airport loungeThen right into the thick of it! Our hotel was right next to the famous Salamanca Markets, so we spent an hour checking it all out.
Before a quick stop at Parklane Espresso for a caffeine hit
Next up was the Salamanca Arts Centre where we checked out some interesting exhibits…I want this in my bedroom please!
It was super chilly, so we bundled up and headed over the bridge for one of the main reasons for our trip…

The footy!
Now watching footy is one of my least favourite activities, but we managed to get seats in the premiers club so I sat, ate a burger and watched as ‘our’ team lost…whoops!

The view on the bus trip back to the city was beautiful though!

We had the most delicious early dinner

Followed by some whisky tasting at the Lark Distilery…though I opted for a gin & tonic (as you do! Hah) whisky is just not my thing…

Before walking back to our hotel under the full moon and the fairy lights.

Next morning we caught rainbows in my hair…
…over the most delicious breakfast!

And then hopped on the ferry to Mona

Where I took VIP posh pit selfies with this one β™₯

Along with champagne and canapΓ©s (so fancy!)

We were greeted by the stunning word waterfall

Found ourselves in tiny mirrored rooms

And stared at giant walls of art

We ended our Mona visit with a spot of lunch and a gorgeous view

Before ending just how we began – with coffee! πŸ™‚

I’ll be back with more photos (and maybe even some video too) once iPhoto stops being so mad at me! Epees!

Me vintage

I love you again

Facebook just reminded me that it’s been 3 years to the day since I debuted my (online) vintage store I love you again at my first ever market! Wow…I look like such a baby in the above photo! haha (I also still have that dress, though it’s super delicate and i’m a little too scared to wear it anywhere!)

And while it feels like only yesterday, it also feels like a lifetime ago!

I’m still not sure how I feel about it all to be honest…I felt a lot of shame for quite a while – I felt (and still probably do feel) like I failed. And fear of failure is what stopped me from starting earlier, so you can only imagine having not made a success of it has only impacted even more…It’s definitiely a sore spot for me, even looking at some of the photos from my stalls and photoshoots is quite painful. This may explain why I deleted my website, put my etsy store on indefinite holiday-mode and deleted all but 10 of my instagram photos…I guess it’s something I’ll need to work through…

A little over a year ago I decided to get rid of everything. We hired a van, loaded it up and took everything to a local market. I sold through half of my vintage clothing in an hour (mostly to one person…) and by the end of the day I felt lighter and happier than I had in years. I realised that being a vintage seller was not for me, and I was ok with that.
IMG_0300 copy
We had another stall at the local market, shifted even more stock and managed to bring the rest back from our storage unit (prior to that everything had been housed in our one bedroom apartment…! Don’t even get me started!). I planned on bulk-listing the remaining stock online to shift the last of it, but after weeks of procrastination I’d had enough. Everything was bundled up and Mike hauled it away to donate to charity stores.

Now I did keep one small bag of items I just couldn’t part with (and these are still living under my bed) and my personal wardrobe grew slightly as I filtered some dresses back into rotation…but that was that. I had a self imposed ban on buying any vintage or even going into an op-shop (thrift store) for fear of a relapse, but after 6 months I finally got over it. I went op-shopping and bought one gorgeous vintage dress (that I’ve already worn a half dozen times) and that has been that.
The internet does make it more difficult, and I’ve had to show a lot of restraint of late…though I splurged and bought myself 3 vintage dresses for my birthday (that’s what birthdays are for, right?!)

I still love vintage you see – vintage dresses have forever been my weakness. I still love buying and wearing them for myself, and I don’t see that changing anytime soon.

I’ve had ample time to dissect it all – everything I did, where I went wrong (where I went right!), and what I would do differently if I were to ever venture down that path again. Not to say that I am. I haven’t exactly closed the door, but for the moment I’m happy just buying vintage for pleasure.

Even though so much changes, some things remain the same…

Thanks for the memories Facebook! Here’s to more growing and learning…


other pretty things

Monday lists and notes

Hello Monday!

We got back from Hobart super late last night and were welcomed by the constant jack hammering outside of our window (all.night!)…as a result, I’m a total zombie – definitely not human today! Woooo! Give me all the coffee please!

Hobart was absolutely incredible and I only wish that we had more time to explore, but I’ll share more on that later this week!

Here’s a few things on the inter webs that caught my eye this week…
The some girls are bigger than others jumper by Hades
Every time I see a Smiths jumper I want it, but this one just tops my love list! Both the pink and navy are already sold out (devastated!) so I’ll just have to continue pining over these pretties…

i’m utterly addicted to Brotherhood Books right now! β™₯ It’s an online secondhand bookstore with free shipping if you purchase 3 books or more, and in the past 2 weeks I’ve already placed 3 orders! So addicted! I’ve actually fallen headfirst into reading again, so it’s really come at the perfect time! I’m literally on this website daily, refreshing the “recently added” page way too often! you can never have enough books though – am I right?! β™₯

I’m so in love with all the new colours in the Sly Pony range! β™₯ They’re total ear and arm candy! The pastel pinks, blues, jade and white have me swooning so hard – I don’t even know which one to choose first! One of each maybe? πŸ˜‰

The new Rifle Paper Co. 17 month planners are out and I’m so in love β™₯ but I have this bad habit of buying paper diaries…and never using them (case in point – I bought a Rifle Paper planner and it’s been sitting on my desk gathering dust for almost 6 months now…) Organised people of the world – tell me your secrets! Do you use planners? Digital or paper? What format suits you best? and most importantly – how do you make it work for you?

And last but not least…a huge Happy Birthday to my gorgeous sister-in-law β™₯ β™₯ β™₯ wishing you the most wonderful day full of love and hugs and faboulous celebrations! Sending you all my love and can’t wait to celebrate our birthday together when I see you next β™₯

I’ve got a whole host of our Tassie pics to edit and upload, as well as some video footage too! I’ll pop them up as soon as I’ve had a chance to catch up on some sleep! haha Happy Monday friends! I hope it’s a good one x


Friday and packing and Hobart (oh my!)

It’s Friday and I’m all packed for our mini weekend away to Hobart and this is all of my luggage… The tiniest handbag around, along with my slightly larger carry-all bag! πŸ˜‰

I’ve somehow managed to squeeze in a pair of ballet flats, two dresses, tights, a wool top, toiletries, my camera and my journal in here..and I still feel like I’ve overpacked! Haha This is the lightest I’ve managed to pack in a while now though, so we shall see how practical I’ve been.

I’m so looking forward to eating all of the food, wandering around the Salamanca Markets and heading over to Mona on the ferry! ♥

Have a happy weekend friends


Spinach Harvest

About one month ago, Facebook reminded me that this time last year I had been harvesting my first batch of spinach from our little planter box…which was when I realised that the spinach I had planted was clearly not growing at all. A quick trip to our local nursery, a new batch of baby spinach sprouts and a bag of  organic soil and I was set! A rare sunny day meant I could do some planting and re-potting, though this time I ended up with 4 times the amount! Whoops.

And one month later I’m here – harvesting my first batch of spinach for the year! Woohoo! Better late than never I say πŸ˜‰
Clearly the organic soil and sunny position suited this perfectly!
I was able to re-pot the first “failed” batch into this small pot and even they grew! Eeee! β™₯
First little bowl of leaves
And my original planter box of baby spinach loves β™₯
And here we are – all harvested and ready for tonight’s salad and tomorrow’s lunch too! There really is nothing better than growing your own food! What I would do for a sunny little patch of space to grow more β™₯

Anyone else have success growing food in small spaces? Tell me your secrets please! β™₯


food lifestyle

bday weekends

It should come as no surprise that the first place I wanted to go for my (belated) birthday brunch was the St Kilda Dispensary! If it weren’t for work I’m sure I would live here (you know…like I did when I ran an online store…?)
The coffee was strong and I was in my happy place snapping away with my new camera (present from Mike! β™₯ Thank you!), while Mike checked out the schedule for the Melbourne International Film Festival
I seriously love all the details here – the wall colours, the floral arrangements, the medical themed vintage finds…
I chose one of my favourites (of course!) – the corn fritters with bacon! If it’s not this you will find me eating the dukkah eggs! So delicious!
And then surprise birthday donuts! Hooray! Thank you so much Kristy for the tasty treats and Mike for such a lovely morning (today and everyday!). And a giant thank you to everyone for making my birthday week so incredible! I feel loved beyond measure and am so thankful to be going through life with so many wonderful people surrounding me β™₯ (I’m a sap I know!)

Happy weekend friends! I hope it’s a good one!


It’s my birthday!

Today I turn 33 years old! 33?! Where did the time go?

I’m spending my birthday at work – for the first time ever! I figure that if everyone I know and love is working, it’s pointless spending my day at home alone!

Mike spoiled me with breakfast, coffee and presents in bed, and then it was off to meet my girls for breakfast number two! πŸ˜‰ I made the mistake of waffles for breakfast, so I’m in the midst of a sugar coma right now – I don’t even think I have room for donuts?!! (Whaaaat???)

So hip hip hooray for me! Here’s to 33 being my best year yet! β™₯



so happily full

You know it’s been a good weekend when you’re so exhausted but at the same time, so happily full.
Drinks in city apartments with sleepy toddlers wanting lullabyes, accidental sleep-ins leading to spontaneous brunch catch ups, farmers markets mornings, pitstops at favourite cafes for donuts and coffee. Dinners at favourite restaurants with your favourite people, so much wine and even more food. early morning city adventures, bacon and egg rolls consumed on steps while tiny arms keep the approaching seagulls at bay. art walks, strong lattes, pokemon go (not played by me! Hah!) visiting and exploring places in my city i’ve never been to in the 13 years i’ve lived here. feeling like a tourist and loving it. having a small person tell you how lovely your hair is…and your dress…and your shoes…and your buttons β™₯


It will take me a while to come down from this high β™₯ so much love for my friends and this wonderful weekend x

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August dreaming

August is finally here which means it’s birthday month time wooohooo!

And while I still (technically…) have a week to go, there’s nothing against spending an entire month celebrating, right?! at least till i pass the birthday baton onto my sister-in-law later in the month πŸ˜‰

The days are (slowly!) getting longer and Spring is nearly here, so I thought I’d start the month off by sharing a few videos that have had me all heart eyes of late β™₯

The full unveiling of the Alpha Tiny House

Holy crap you guys – New Frontier Tiny Homes has just blown me away with all the features and functions of the Alpha Tiny House. The kitchen is bigger than my current kitchen and it has a full bath?!! YES!! This is actually my dream house!! β™₯ Check out the video above to see the full tour – it’s just incredible!

Prepd Pack Lunch Box

The Prepd Pack Lunch Box is quite possibly the most stylish lunch box I’ve ever seen! Mike spotted it online and less than 10 minutes later, we had placed our order for The Couple’s Pack via their Indiegogo website.
Considering we bring a packed lunch to work everyday, I am surprised we haven’t opted for some sort of lunchbox sooner. The Prepd Pack will definitely be much more stylish than our current plastic shopping bag option! haha πŸ˜‰ There are so many different options and configurations available and I can’t wait for production to begin!

The Secret History of Twin Peaks

Be still my heart!!! β™₯ β™₯ β™₯ The Secret History of Twin Peaks – A novel by Mark Frost is coming out October 18th and has moved right up to the top of my wish list! I’m pretty sure I could write an entire post (or two!) on my love of Twin peaks – I mean, we even went to North Bend and Snoqualmie on our honeymoon (and stayed perched above Snoqualmie Falls aka The Great Northern! β™₯) Pretty sure the last time I was this excited was when I first heard that Twin Peaks was coming back! eeeee β™₯ Best news EVER!

I’ve got my best friend and her family coming to visit this weekend – it’s her first time in Melbourne (ever!) and I’m oh so excited! Fingers crossed for some sunny skies and warmer weather – please Melbourne!
Now let the birthday celebrations begin! πŸ˜‰

Happy August friends! One more month of Winter to go!

top photo of me (by Jules) matching the card wall at Lunar Store yesterday πŸ˜‰