three weeks and counting

the moment we’ve been waiting for is almost here! This month we’re heading back to Japan for 10 glorious days and I couldn’t be more excited! 

We’re spending the most of our time in Tokyo, but we’ve decided on a quick side trip to Kyoto, since we haven’t been there since our first visit many years ago! 

Our to-do list has been growing solidly, but at the same time we’re looking forward to having the ability to just immerse ourselves in our surroundings. Our hotel has bike hire available (and the tastiest coffee and pastries on offer for breakfast!), and a day of wandering through Ueno Park, eating all the tasty foods and going in the swan boats by the lake have swooning hard!

Not to mention being able to stock up on all of my journal refills and other assorted stationery at the travelers factory! And Tokyo Disneyland?!! Ahhhh!

I cannot wait to be there! 3 weeks and counting friends


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