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three weeks and counting

the moment we’ve been waiting for is almost here! This month we’re heading back to Japan for 10 glorious days and I couldn’t be more excited! 

We’re spending the most of our time in Tokyo, but we’ve decided on a quick side trip to Kyoto, since we haven’t been there since our first visit many years ago! 

Our to-do list has been growing solidly, but at the same time we’re looking forward to having the ability to just immerse ourselves in our surroundings. Our hotel has bike hire available (and the tastiest coffee and pastries on offer for breakfast!), and a day of wandering through Ueno Park, eating all the tasty foods and going in the swan boats by the lake have swooning hard!

Not to mention being able to stock up on all of my journal refills and other assorted stationery at the travelers factory! And Tokyo Disneyland?!! Ahhhh!

I cannot wait to be there! 3 weeks and counting friends



from where i’d rather be

Our friend Mark sent us these photos from our trip earlier this year to Salvation Mountain and the Salton Sea, and if we ever start a band, these two are in the running for our album cover! πŸ˜‰ I loved this trip so much and seeing these has brought back so many memories ♥

I’ve actually been housebound (bed bound! ugh!) the past 4 days after injuring my back, so I’ve been editing down my iPhoto library from a hard drive copy that Mike made for me. Turns out that move was rather fortuitous, as our iMac pooped itself yesterday, taking my library with it! At least now I can condense, edit and rebuild my library! I’ve already managed to delete 10,000 photos, so i’m getting there slowly…
This photo has me missing my platinum locks like crazy though! Those first two weeks of fresh ice blonde hair were just golden! Quite possibly the best hair of my life ♥

Hopefully my back heals up quickly and I can get back on my feet soon! As Mike has stated more than once, I am the most impatient patient he’s ever known! whoops! sorry babe πŸ˜‰ haha

Have a wonderful week!



Hobart via IPhone

My new camera is nothing short of amazing, but the amount of videos I took on our trip sent my iPhoto library into meltdown mode (sorrrrrryy!), so for now I thought I’d share some of my iPhone snaps.

Early mornings = breakfast (with a view!) in the airport loungeThen right into the thick of it! Our hotel was right next to the famous Salamanca Markets, so we spent an hour checking it all out.
Before a quick stop at Parklane Espresso for a caffeine hit
Next up was the Salamanca Arts Centre where we checked out some interesting exhibits…I want this in my bedroom please!
It was super chilly, so we bundled up and headed over the bridge for one of the main reasons for our trip…

The footy!
Now watching footy is one of my least favourite activities, but we managed to get seats in the premiers club so I sat, ate a burger and watched as ‘our’ team lost…whoops!

The view on the bus trip back to the city was beautiful though!

We had the most delicious early dinner

Followed by some whisky tasting at the Lark Distilery…though I opted for a gin & tonic (as you do! Hah) whisky is just not my thing…

Before walking back to our hotel under the full moon and the fairy lights.

Next morning we caught rainbows in my hair…
…over the most delicious breakfast!

And then hopped on the ferry to Mona

Where I took VIP posh pit selfies with this one β™₯

Along with champagne and canapΓ©s (so fancy!)

We were greeted by the stunning word waterfall

Found ourselves in tiny mirrored rooms

And stared at giant walls of art

We ended our Mona visit with a spot of lunch and a gorgeous view

Before ending just how we began – with coffee! πŸ™‚

I’ll be back with more photos (and maybe even some video too) once iPhoto stops being so mad at me! Epees!


Friday and packing and Hobart (oh my!)

It’s Friday and I’m all packed for our mini weekend away to Hobart and this is all of my luggage… The tiniest handbag around, along with my slightly larger carry-all bag! πŸ˜‰

I’ve somehow managed to squeeze in a pair of ballet flats, two dresses, tights, a wool top, toiletries, my camera and my journal in here..and I still feel like I’ve overpacked! Haha This is the lightest I’ve managed to pack in a while now though, so we shall see how practical I’ve been.

I’m so looking forward to eating all of the food, wandering around the Salamanca Markets and heading over to Mona on the ferry! ♥

Have a happy weekend friends

Family travel

daydreaming of sunny days

All these grey Melbourne days have got me daydreaming of sunshine and my recent trip to Qld…well, at least the pre-getting sick part πŸ˜‰ it was so lovely getting to soak up the sunshine and spend time with some of my favourite people – i just wish i was able to see them more often! ♥

there was! oh my – i’m pretty sure i could fill an entire blog post up with just photos of all the food i ate while i was there (don’t worry, i won’t…)
my first meal was a delicious pulled pork burger and fries for lunch
with Mama and my Stepdad (and brother and sister-in-law)♥
and of course there was coffee…
IMG_8447 copy
There was the mini roadtrip with my Dad and stepmum out to the Farm In Byron Bay
IMG_8440 copy
we had brunch at the Three Blue Ducks restaurant, and Dad’s museli was so pretty I had to take a photo!
IMG_8441 copy
more coffee…
IMG_8453 copy
we saw hilarious signs for antique stores in far flung towns
IMG_8458 copy
and ate delicious produce straight from the farm
IMG_8514 copy
we went for a spin on the boat
IMG_8525 copy
took in the scenery
and celebrated with icecreams πŸ˜‰
i found a suitcase of my Mama’s treasures, including this note i wrote to her when i was little ♥
and the prettiest windows i’ve ever seen
IMG_8581 copy
we had a great family feast
with fancy table settings
lots of bubbly
and delicious (gluten free!) birthday cake
all so we could celebrate the birthday child ♥

it’s hard to believe i actually spent a large chunk of the week in bed sick, but i suppose that’s why there are only 2 photos of coffee (hah!) πŸ˜‰ and while i do love winter (i do, honest!) i’m really missing the warmth of those sunshiney days. just give me a few days of sunshine please Melbourne? these grey days are putting a dampener on my mood!

Happy hump day friends


Save me San Francisco

there are so many words i could write about this city.
so many words that could never do her justice.

it’s true that i fell in love with San Francisco the minute i stepped onto her hallowed ground (after a very long journey via greyhound bus from Seattle…but that’s a whole different story in itself!)

my initial 3 day visit stretched into 5 days, and then 7 days…no matter how much i packed into my days i just wanted more and more! (this was also the same time that Mike and i first met ♥)
It’s the first place where i instantly felt at home. i’m more comfortable walking her streets than any other that i’ve set foot on – anywhere! it’s a big thing to realise you are in love with a city. everything about her sets my heart on fire and i greet each day with wide eyed wonder.

i was curious whether, after 13 years, my love would have faded. Something felt different on my last trip (3 years ago) and i never managed to put my finger on it. we were eloping then though – we had told no one so the whole trip was a blur of excitement and nerves (what if the paperwork doesn’t go through?! what if they say no? what if my parents are mad?! ahh!). plus it meant we didn’t actually have time to relax and soak up the city as per usual.

my trip in January this year was my first solo adventure since my initial visit back in 2003, and it was everything i hoped for – and then some! i learnt so much about myself while i was there. so many moments of clarity. so much time to just be and think and absorb… you know that moment when suddenly everything clicks into place? yeah – that happened!

my last (full) day there was just perfect. beautiful sunshine, a chilly 4 degrees, but i rugged up in all of my layers and spent almost 8 hours walking 34kms of her streets. up towering hills, by the beautiful bay and all the way to the Golden Gate Bridge – my beacon ♥ i wandered all over my favourite city, soaking up all of her beauty and slowing processing all of the lessons she had for me.

everything was there, it always has been i suppose, and bit by bit i started putting all of the pieces together…
there will still never be enough words to convey my intense love for this place.

i feel so alive when i’m there. time is altered and life seems to pass on a much higher frequency…
and for now, i’m ok with that.
i just know that i most definitely left my heart, or at least a piece of it, there in that beautiful city by the bay ♥


tokyo dreaming

soΒ it happened…
after months of trying to convince everyone I know to book a trip to Japan (so i can live vicariously through them, of course!) and weeks of pining over the influx of cherry blossom pics clogging up my instagram feed (seriously – was everyone in Tokyo this year?! so jealous!) we caved and booked a trip over! β™₯ β™₯

Half an hour after clicking the Jetstar sale link and telling Mike i was ‘just having a look’ (hah!) we had return tickets for 2 booked for under $800! yes!! I’m so excited, i’m pretty sure i spent the rest of the evening in a total daze imagining all the wonder that is to come…oh, and instagram stalking too! I just had to go back over all those pics that had popped up in my feed and then add even more cafes to my ‘must visit’ list!

Our last trip to Japan was a little over a year ago, but after leaving planning to the last minute we found ourselves rushing from place to place, never having time to just relax in one spot and fully take it all in. We also only ended up in Tokyo for a couple of days at the beginning and end of our trip, and it just felt very rushed. We’re planning on doing this trip differently – setting up in one (or two) locations over 2 weeks and just fully immersing ourselves in our surroundings.

If you’ve been to Tokyo recently, any hints and tips are more than welcome! Have you been in Autumn? this is our first time andΒ i’ve been told the colours are out of this world! β™₯

Give me all the plum wine and crazy flavoured kit kats please!
6 months till we’re back and i absolutely cannot wait!