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Spring sprang sprung

We did it! Melbourne gave us a whole two (and a half!) days of sunny, warm, beautiful Spring weather…before disappearing as quickly as it arrived. But ohh how lovely it was while it lasted!
I managed to bust out two of my new vintage dresses – my blue gingham wrap dress from Gypsy Goth Vintage as well as a summery pink floral dress i picked up from Yesterday People, and I was as happy as could be β™₯

Winter has had me wearing the same dresses over and over again and I just can’t wait for bare legs and an endless supply of vintage pretties to parade around in.

I’m so excited that I may have purchased another couple of pretties for my collection! β™₯ β™₯ eeee somebody please stop me already (but actually don’t because YAY cute new vintage dresses!!) I know I said that i’m buying these to ‘replace’ the older dresses in my collection, but who am I kidding! It’s more so that I can rotate all of them β™₯ vintage dress hoarder right here. πŸ˜‰

So please, come on down Spring! we’re so ready for you.

outfits vintage

blue velvet dresses and a sea of green

i’m not very good at having my photo taken. i have no idea what to do with my hands or feet, whether to smile, stare at the camera and i end up pulling a million awkward/awful faces (or i just scowl. such a pretty look) I also have that thing where when i smile, my eyes completely disappear as my cheeks totally take over!
somehow, let’s just call if pure determination (exasperation?!), Penny manages to get some of my favourite shots. i’m almost certain it’s because she just ends up taking so many photos of me, i eventually stop being such a scarecrow and relax enough for a half decent photo to emerge.
at least that’s what i’m going to go with anyway! we found a little spot in the gardens where a wedding was held the previous day, hence the white rose petals scattered around my feet.

i’m wearing: //vintage dress – thrifted//wool & leather jacket – Ted Baker//mini satchel bag – Ted Baker//denim ballet flats – Target//tights – Woolworths//bangles – Sly Pony//

I can’t even tell you how many photos Penny actually took in the time that we were there, except that there were a lot…and in most of them i’m either looking deadpan at the camera, i have my eyes closed (seems to be a family trait in photos) or i’m twirling like i maniac…
IMG_7799 copy
turns out – they’re my favourite ones β™₯ haha

i guess there’s capturing an image of someone and then there’s really getting someones personality to shine through…and turns out the crazy, twirling, laughing outtakes are the real me πŸ˜‰

Thanks for being my substitute #instagramhusband Penny! x