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Monday lists and notes

Hello Monday!

We got back from Hobart super late last night and were welcomed by the constant jack hammering outside of our window (all.night!)…as a result, I’m a total zombie – definitely not human today! Woooo! Give me all the coffee please!

Hobart was absolutely incredible and I only wish that we had more time to explore, but I’ll share more on that later this week!

Here’s a few things on the inter webs that caught my eye this week…
The some girls are bigger than others jumper by Hades
Every time I see a Smiths jumper I want it, but this one just tops my love list! Both the pink and navy are already sold out (devastated!) so I’ll just have to continue pining over these pretties…

i’m utterly addicted to Brotherhood Books right now! β™₯ It’s an online secondhand bookstore with free shipping if you purchase 3 books or more, and in the past 2 weeks I’ve already placed 3 orders! So addicted! I’ve actually fallen headfirst into reading again, so it’s really come at the perfect time! I’m literally on this website daily, refreshing the “recently added” page way too often! you can never have enough books though – am I right?! β™₯

I’m so in love with all the new colours in the Sly Pony range! β™₯ They’re total ear and arm candy! The pastel pinks, blues, jade and white have me swooning so hard – I don’t even know which one to choose first! One of each maybe? πŸ˜‰

The new Rifle Paper Co. 17 month planners are out and I’m so in love β™₯ but I have this bad habit of buying paper diaries…and never using them (case in point – I bought a Rifle Paper planner and it’s been sitting on my desk gathering dust for almost 6 months now…) Organised people of the world – tell me your secrets! Do you use planners? Digital or paper? What format suits you best? and most importantly – how do you make it work for you?

And last but not least…a huge Happy Birthday to my gorgeous sister-in-law β™₯ β™₯ β™₯ wishing you the most wonderful day full of love and hugs and faboulous celebrations! Sending you all my love and can’t wait to celebrate our birthday together when I see you next β™₯

I’ve got a whole host of our Tassie pics to edit and upload, as well as some video footage too! I’ll pop them up as soon as I’ve had a chance to catch up on some sleep! haha Happy Monday friends! I hope it’s a good one x

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August dreaming

August is finally here which means it’s birthday month time wooohooo!

And while I still (technically…) have a week to go, there’s nothing against spending an entire month celebrating, right?! at least till i pass the birthday baton onto my sister-in-law later in the month πŸ˜‰

The days are (slowly!) getting longer and Spring is nearly here, so I thought I’d start the month off by sharing a few videos that have had me all heart eyes of late β™₯

The full unveiling of the Alpha Tiny House

Holy crap you guys – New Frontier Tiny Homes has just blown me away with all the features and functions of the Alpha Tiny House. The kitchen is bigger than my current kitchen and it has a full bath?!! YES!! This is actually my dream house!! β™₯ Check out the video above to see the full tour – it’s just incredible!

Prepd Pack Lunch Box

The Prepd Pack Lunch Box is quite possibly the most stylish lunch box I’ve ever seen! Mike spotted it online and less than 10 minutes later, we had placed our order for The Couple’s Pack via their Indiegogo website.
Considering we bring a packed lunch to work everyday, I am surprised we haven’t opted for some sort of lunchbox sooner. The Prepd Pack will definitely be much more stylish than our current plastic shopping bag option! haha πŸ˜‰ There are so many different options and configurations available and I can’t wait for production to begin!

The Secret History of Twin Peaks

Be still my heart!!! β™₯ β™₯ β™₯ The Secret History of Twin Peaks – A novel by Mark Frost is coming out October 18th and has moved right up to the top of my wish list! I’m pretty sure I could write an entire post (or two!) on my love of Twin peaks – I mean, we even went to North Bend and Snoqualmie on our honeymoon (and stayed perched above Snoqualmie Falls aka The Great Northern! β™₯) Pretty sure the last time I was this excited was when I first heard that Twin Peaks was coming back! eeeee β™₯ Best news EVER!

I’ve got my best friend and her family coming to visit this weekend – it’s her first time in Melbourne (ever!) and I’m oh so excited! Fingers crossed for some sunny skies and warmer weather – please Melbourne!
Now let the birthday celebrations begin! πŸ˜‰

Happy August friends! One more month of Winter to go!

top photo of me (by Jules) matching the card wall at Lunar Store yesterday πŸ˜‰

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Other pretty things – think warm thoughts

I’m currently standing with a small heater 2 inches away from my feet while I think warm thoughts (note – it’s not really working!) Melbourne is really starting to cool right down and I’m feeling really unprepared for the coming winter months…i suppose it will be ok if the thermostat at works realises that it is in fact cold and going into air-con mode will not help matters! rahh

I just booked a flight up to see my family next month though, and I absolutely cannot wait! It’s been almost a year (shameful I know!) since I was last there and I get an entire week to spend with them all β™₯ Β and did I mention the heat? Yeah – it’s still basically summer up there! No cardis or tights required (though I’m sure I’ll be a typical melbournian and bring the winter weather with me! Eeep! Sorry in advance Queenslanders! πŸ˜‰ haha)

Here are a few things I’ve seen around the inter webs that’s I love/want/can’t stop laughing at πŸ˜‰

  • Have you seen the video of the lady with the chewbacca mask?! Seriously – best.thing.ever! πŸ™‚ her laugh alone had me in stitches – so so good!
  • I so badly want this smiths jumper. And one for Mike. And for our future (future!) babies! Ahhh! So damn cute β™₯
  • I can’t get enough of this myrtle & moss hand cream. It’s made here in Australia and the bergamot rind, tangerine and geranium leaf has the dreamiest scent! I just want to lather myself in it!
  • This article on blogging really spoke to me, so much so that it actually prompted my previous post πŸ™‚
  • I’m so in love with this 5 piece capsule wardrobe by Vetta! (Though my love of vintage and colour makes me wonder if I could ever make the switch!)
  • This tiny home in Joshua Tree! β™₯ so much yes!! can i move in now??

What’s making you tick this week friends? Any happy links I need to see? Let me know in the comments below.

Happy Monday X

other pretty things

Other pretty things – Monday’s and wish lists

Happy Monday friends!

I’ve had such a jam-packed but wonderful weekend, and I’m still buzzing after it all β™₯  

I managed to tick off so much from my to-do list (yes!) and spent all of Sunday exploring different suburbs with my love! My heart is seriously about to burst!

And while I woke to sunny skies, it’s a chilly 8 degrees and they’re predicting rain and storms all afternoon…so I decided to compile a wish list of my favourite sparkly things to brighten up today!

  1. The new rose gold saltwater sandals – I’ve almost worn my silver ones to death and I’ve had my eyes peeled for these ever since they mentioned the possibility of making them! Yes yes and yes!
  2. Bird in hand sparkling rose – this has been on my wish list for months but I can’t seem to find it anywhere?! Anyone seen this somewhere?
  3. New linen bedding like this charcoal sprinkle sprinkle set from Feliz– there’s nothing better than crisp sheets, plus these guys are based in Melbourne! And such fun prints too!
  4. A new gold macbook – now, my laptop is a little old, and I’m about to take over Mikes MacBook Pro, but after holding that pretty in my hands I can’t stop lusting over it! Im pretty sure that makes it a want and not just a need – right?!
  5. A new summery vintage dress like this one from Simplicity is Bliss β™₯ I’ve been lusting over so many beautiful vintage dresses of late and I think I need to add a few more to my collection! (also this and this…apparently I have a thing with blue πŸ˜‰ hehe)
  6. A posey subscription like this one offered by Hi Petal – or one by Daily Blooms. imagine receiving a new bunch of flowers delivered to you every week?! It’s kind of my dream and it’s one that might have to happen over winter! 
  7. Miu miu noir green sparkle sunglasses – I was lusting over the red ones when they first came out but these beauties take the cake! Plus I’m sure my Kate spade shades need a new sparkly friend! πŸ˜‰

I could definitely go on, but I better save some for later.if you know of any other sparkly goodness please link me in the comments below! 

Have a great week lovelies