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Coffee Flavoured Doughnuts And Lynch

All has been revealed!

After a week of eluding to something big coming our way, the countdown hit zero, announcing the release of Psychogenic Fugue – a 20 min movie in which John Malkovich plays David Lynch and 7 other Lynch themed movie characters! You can watch it via a donation to the David Lynch Foundation, and with Log Lady being one of the characters portrayed (yes!!) I can’t wait to get home and watch it!

Do you remember these beaded daisy chain necklaces? My friend mentioned wanting stacks and stacks of long 90s style beaded necklaces and it took me back to my teen years of obsessively making these necklaces and bracelets with friends.
Anyway – she has requested that I make her one (some?), so now I’m scouring the net for a simple tutorial – it has been quite a number of years since I last gave it a go! This one here looks like the best so far, so I’ll have to find some beads and see how I go.

You know my love of doughnuts right? This recipe from Gather Journal is my dream! Coffee infused donuts?! Ahhh dreamland! Can someone please make them for me? Pretty please? I’ve had plans to bake cookies for the past 2 weeks now, but I’ve just ended up slowly(ish) eating the bag of smarties that were set to be their “decoration” haha πŸ˜‰

Vista Tiny homes have released a new model – the Vista Go – which is priced at under $40k! It’s even more compact, but still in the incredible vista style! It’s got me wanting to move to the USA and spend my days roaming the country!

monday lists

Twin peaks, hello sydney! and breakfast machines of my dreams

My weekly list was a bit delayed this week, but thankfully it ended up timing perfectly with this news…

David Lynch is hinting at something being unveiled on September 27th and i’m so fricken excited!!!! β™₯ β™₯ β™₯
I seriously clicked on every single one of these links (and then spent way too long moving the mouse over the numbers here haha), and it only increased my joy of what is to come!
Just give me coffee, donuts and tell me all of the secrets please! πŸ˜‰

Megan Mckean from Mckean Studios has a brand new book being released called Hello Sydney! and it looks so cute! As stated over on their website:

Hello Sydney! is both a visual and educational treat for children aged 3-6 years. Sydneysiders or visitors to Sydney will love this illustrative and playful celebration of one of Australia’s great cities

Their new Sydney range has also been released, with brooches, scarves, bangles and prints too! I’ve got three of their city bangles (San Fran, Palm Springs and Tokyo) and their cute cactus and martini brooches and I love them! the book is available for pre-order over here.

Apartment Therapy wrote an article on “Breakfast Machines that really actually exist’ and number one is my new breakfast dream! β™₯
The Nostalgia 3-in-1 family size breakfast station makes your coffee, toast and has a cooktop to fry your bacon and eggs! umm..?!! yes please!! It would be absolutely perfect in a tiny home too (can I ever not refer things back to tiny homes? haha probably not) plus it’s also adorably retro! Now if only there was a waffle making component in there too… πŸ˜‰

I hope everyone is having a wonderful week. If you need me I’ll just be here, staring at the playinglynch website and watching as that clock keeps ticking down!

monday lists

Weekend in photos

I’m not lying when I say our weekends always start like this. Every day starts with coffee, but weekdays are usually just nespresso lattes in bed (maybe…)

I bought this gorgeous book on the language of flowers mainly due to its cover, but it wasn’t necessary to decode what my tulips were telling me. Namely “we’re dead lady! Replace us please!” hehe

Mike bought me this sparkling rose moscato and it was an almost too tasty! Just give me all of the pink things and I will be happy (true story)

Penny from Sly Pony made me a mini resin planter and it is an absolute dream!!! My crazy face doesn’t even show just how excited I was when I saw this!

She completely spoiled me with all these belated birthday gifts over the weekend – the custom planter, bangles, studs, donut earrings and this gorgeous pink happiness planner by Brand Mentalist. I’m not going to lie, I’m a little nervous about filling it out – it’s so indepth and I’m not exactly the best at goal setting (or being organised and focused..!), so it will be a challenge, but one that I’m pretty excited to tackle. Let my 100 days to happiness begin!

These blossoms are in full bloom and I adore them! I’ve always dreamt of living in a tiny cottage with cherry blossoms in the front and apple and pear trees out the back…total dream ♥

What did your weekend look like?

Me monday lists

Busy weeks and weddings pics

Happy 3 1/2 year anniversary Mikey! ❀️
(haha any excuse to post one of my fave pics of us, right?!)

and yes – i know! we don’t actually celebrate our half year anniversaries, but it’s today and I came across this photo of me almost flashing out the front of City Hall, so here we are πŸ™‚

We’ve got such a busy week ahead of us and somehow the weather is meant to be somewhat spring-like! (Well, for 3 days at least!) fingers crossed! I might even be able to bust out a few of my new vintage dresses along with my unbearably pale legs! Haha please be kind Melbourne!

Wednesday night we have dinner plans with friends we haven’t seen since before we got married (see! Tying in the wedding pic to the post! πŸ˜‰ haha), so we’ve definitely got loads to catch up on there!

Then Thursday we’re heading out for dinner and a movie – namely to see the new Nick Cave film One More Time With Feeling. It’s showing at 9pm at a whole host of cinemas all over the country (and world even!), before his new album Skeleton Tree drops tomorrow and it’s bound to stir up the emotions! I’m packing a box of tissues just in case (I have a habit of crying at everything!)

Friday night is burger night (one of my favourite traditions!), while Saturday and Sunday are going to be slow lazy days filled wth brunch and coffe dates – my favourite! ❀️

I know it doesn’t seem that busy to most, but I’m a total homebody – especially on weeknights! I work Monday to Friday and after work it’s straight home for dinner – it’s a habit I find hard to break. While I would love to be spontaneous, weeknights are sacred home-time to me ♥ In saying that, i’m definitely looking forward to the break in routine. You’ve got to stir things up every now and then.

Alright, let’s get this week started!