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Coffee Flavoured Doughnuts And Lynch

All has been revealed!

After a week of eluding to something big coming our way, the countdown hit zero, announcing the release of Psychogenic Fugue – a 20 min movie in which John Malkovich plays David Lynch and 7 other Lynch themed movie characters! You can watch it via a donation to the David Lynch Foundation, and with Log Lady being one of the characters portrayed (yes!!) I can’t wait to get home and watch it!

Do you remember these beaded daisy chain necklaces? My friend mentioned wanting stacks and stacks of long 90s style beaded necklaces and it took me back to my teen years of obsessively making these necklaces and bracelets with friends.
Anyway – she has requested that I make her one (some?), so now I’m scouring the net for a simple tutorial – it has been quite a number of years since I last gave it a go! This one here looks like the best so far, so I’ll have to find some beads and see how I go.

You know my love of doughnuts right? This recipe from Gather Journal is my dream! Coffee infused donuts?! Ahhh dreamland! Can someone please make them for me? Pretty please? I’ve had plans to bake cookies for the past 2 weeks now, but I’ve just ended up slowly(ish) eating the bag of smarties that were set to be their “decoration” haha πŸ˜‰

Vista Tiny homes have released a new model – the Vista Go – which is priced at under $40k! It’s even more compact, but still in the incredible vista style! It’s got me wanting to move to the USA and spend my days roaming the country!

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After the tears

I’ve struggled so much with writing this post – the photos were uploaded instantly, but the words managed to elude me. I’ve spent countless hours staring at a blank screen, writing and scribbling out drafts that spiralled into a rambling mess of confused words and general nonsense…and I think I may have just figured out why.

You see – the main purpose of this night (apart from having a date night) was to see the new Nick Cave movie One More Night with Feeling, and after looking forward to it for such a long time, I left feeling quite empty. I’m not even sure if that’s the right word…
Watching it made me feel uncomfortable, agitated even, and i still can’t seem to adequately put my thoughts and feelings into words.

It is definitely very moving, visually stunning and the soundtrack (the Skeleton Tree album that was released the next day) has grown on me increasingly, to the point that it is now one of my favourites.

I did not enjoy the parts where the director was involved – interviewing or just inserting himself into the story. It felt intrusive and grated on me so much that I struggled to let it go. Maybe that has a lot to do with how I feel – or my general confusion about how I feel about the movie. I felt the director was exploiting the tragedy that had occurred and therefore watching it felt wrong…

At the moment that’s about as much sense as I can make of all of it.

this photo of me and my crazy eyes actually portrays my current confusion and inability to put my thoughts and feelings into words…

We had dinner first at After the Tears in Elsternwick, and after hearing so many wonderful things about the food we decided to order many small plates to share. Potato blintzes, pierogi, schnitzels and lamb croquettes (which are not pictured because we were gluttons and ordered more after haha)

We also broke our alcohol ban because their menu had more alcohol than food! Plus sparkling and violet?!! How could I resist!

My forever favourite dinner date β™₯

It was my first time at the Classic Cinem and I kind of kicked myself for not discovering it earlier! It’s one of the closest cinemas to me and their menu alone is amazing!

We had more drinks (hey – once we broke our ban…) followed by a giant popcorn, soda and a rocky road choc top for me – because yay! I am a child! Haha i did manage to forget I put it in my bag until an hour into the show…so that was interesting! Still delicious, even though the ice cream was rather liquified.

So there it is – my confusing thoughts on the Nick Cave movie, and photos of the tastiest meal I’ve had in a while!

Did anyone else see One More Time with Feeling? What were your thoughts?



Spinach Harvest

About one month ago, Facebook reminded me that this time last year I had been harvesting my first batch of spinach from our little planter box…which was when I realised that the spinach I had planted was clearly not growing at all. A quick trip to our local nursery, a new batch of baby spinach sprouts and a bag of  organic soil and I was set! A rare sunny day meant I could do some planting and re-potting, though this time I ended up with 4 times the amount! Whoops.

And one month later I’m here – harvesting my first batch of spinach for the year! Woohoo! Better late than never I say πŸ˜‰
Clearly the organic soil and sunny position suited this perfectly!
I was able to re-pot the first “failed” batch into this small pot and even they grew! Eeee! β™₯
First little bowl of leaves
And my original planter box of baby spinach loves β™₯
And here we are – all harvested and ready for tonight’s salad and tomorrow’s lunch too! There really is nothing better than growing your own food! What I would do for a sunny little patch of space to grow more β™₯

Anyone else have success growing food in small spaces? Tell me your secrets please! β™₯


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bday weekends

It should come as no surprise that the first place I wanted to go for my (belated) birthday brunch was the St Kilda Dispensary! If it weren’t for work I’m sure I would live here (you know…like I did when I ran an online store…?)
The coffee was strong and I was in my happy place snapping away with my new camera (present from Mike! β™₯ Thank you!), while Mike checked out the schedule for the Melbourne International Film Festival
I seriously love all the details here – the wall colours, the floral arrangements, the medical themed vintage finds…
I chose one of my favourites (of course!) – the corn fritters with bacon! If it’s not this you will find me eating the dukkah eggs! So delicious!
And then surprise birthday donuts! Hooray! Thank you so much Kristy for the tasty treats and Mike for such a lovely morning (today and everyday!). And a giant thank you to everyone for making my birthday week so incredible! I feel loved beyond measure and am so thankful to be going through life with so many wonderful people surrounding me β™₯ (I’m a sap I know!)

Happy weekend friends! I hope it’s a good one!


turmeric latte

Have you guys heard of turmeric lattes? I’m clearly the last person in the world to have read the memo, but Mike sent me the link to this recipe a while back and every time i asked someone if they had heard of it they raved about how good it was for you. i was intrigued (but also sceptical!)

While I was up in QLD i spotted this organic coconut milk, so I decided to try out this turmeric business for myself.
SONY DSCyou need:

  • 400mls coconut milk
  • 1 tsp turmeric
  • 1/2 tsp nutmeg
  • 1 tsp cinnamon 
  • 1/2 tsp vanilla
  • 1 tsp honey

    now i followed the recipe a little too literally, throwing in ALL the ingredients and then putting it on the heat….
    cold coconut milk filled with dry grainy ingredients means lots and lots of lumps
    and instead of 3 minutes of simmering, it was more like half an hour of constant stirring…
    before finally reaching this stage of smooth(ish!) looking liquid gold
    and while i may have taken a selfie of me consuming said liquid gold, it’s not pretty! maybe adding the ingredients to heated coconut milk would work better? or maybe tumeric juice (as i read in a dofferent article) rather than turmeric powder? the flavours itself were really delicious, it was just a bit too…gritty!

    anyone tried a turmeric latte before? what did you think?

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    fancy floral cakes – a cake fail pictorial

    I made this fancy looking floral cake over the weekend…but it was anything but simple!
    It may however be my best ever cake fail recovery to date! You see, I’m notoriously bad at baking cakes! Cupcakes, muffins and cookies are fine – even New York style baked cheesecakes seem to be a no brainer, but a simple vanilla sponge cake?! Don’t even get me started!

    I thought I’d give you a breakdown of the stages and emotions of cake baking that I went through, beginning at  5:15pm and (finally!) finishing at 11:37pm…

    5:15pm – super happy that I managed to get some edible flowers from the farmers market and a brand new silicon nonstick (hah!) cake tray. hopes are high and i’m enthusiastic about my success
    Sore arms are setting in because pretty sure I’ve been mixing this stuff for ages now…but oooh muscles! Well, muscles in my right arms at least! this may also have been the time when i consumed large amounts of batter to make sure it tasted ok (it tasted like batter…)
    nervous for this bad boy to bake…not quite sure how long it needs, so i spend the next hour standing awkwardly in the kitchen peering into the oven every so often…
    FullSizeRender 3 copy
    Nonstick cake tray my arse!! I waited an hour for this?! You’ve got to be kidding me. Insert angry emojis and me stomping off to eat tacos and drink ginger beer…
    after some tasty dinner and ginger beer i’ve returned with a knife and a plan. slightly dubious albeit smug about my cake-hacking ways
    cake is covered in icing. it somehow looks like a normal cake. a little too scared to put the first flower on
    Slightly excited that my evil plan appears to be working (even if I have to stop every few minutes to scrape away excess icing that is spilling from the top!)
    11:37pm – Tired but extremely happy and possibly high on excess icing sugar! Eeeps

    So many emotions for such a “simple” cake. But I am pretty happy that I was able to turn my cake fail into a success! It was for my mother-in-laws birthday (happy birthday Monika!) and she loved it! She even told me what a good job I had done, though I eventually caved (at mikes constant grinning) and told her my cake fail story (with pictures lol) but hey – I got there in the end so I can’t complain!

    But on the subject of cakes – does anyone have any go to/fail safe cake recipes that they care tho share? I used my favourite cupcake recipe (possibly my first issue hah!), though it has been about 5 years since I last baked cupcakes! I’m determined to get this cake baking business down pat!

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    Saturday and so much food

    Saturday began as all of my days do – with coffee!
    Mike made a delicious breakfast of scrambled eggs, bacon and hashbrowns 
    Pup joined us at the table and was longing for some food, but not even her big puppy dog eyes would sway us
    Unfortunately for her, we all had to stay indoors for the morning as we had tradies coming to fix some wiring in the house πŸ™ so Mike was at one end of the house with the tradies, while pup and i were at the other end.
    When we finally were free, we headed to my favourite cafe for lunch – and more coffee!
    the St kilda Dispensary! 
    We decided to share the chicken sandwich as its so filling and delicious (plus we were planning on an early dinner). it would be way too easy to have one of these everyday as they’re just so good!
    Mike snapped me snapping lunch
    So of course I had to snap him back! Haha

    Our plan to walk the dog to go and find tasty treats was thwarted when a bird decided to pop in my head! πŸ™ they say its good luck, but like my Dad says “good luck it’s on you and not me!” πŸ™ I wasn’t happy (understatement of the year!)
    After walking home to clean my head (have a hissy fit/sulk) we walked to the local gardens where I bought a new plant baby to cheer myself up. This guys name is Gollum and I love how he looks like some sort of underwater creature – like some fancy coral!
    We managed to grab some tasty treats while doing groceries and Im so glad Mike convinced me to get the rocky road! It was so rich and dense and tasty!! ♥
    he grabbed a a jam doughnut and we had them with cups of tea! So perfect! 
    Kerouac doing what she does best – sleeping! Hah! And being unimpressed that I’m sticking a camera in her pretty little face πŸ˜‰
    I’m still not quite used to the sun setting so early, but it was the most beautiful sunset! I could see a red glow coming from the kitchen, and when I went to investigate I was rested with a stunning mix of pinks and purples.
    We had an early dinner of stand and stuff tacos, which seriously changes everything! no more taco spills and stuffing going everywhere! just load those babies up! all the extra sour cream and salsa on mine please! πŸ˜‰
    I spent the rest of the night editing photos, blogging and catching up on my favourite blogs – oh and eating this deliciousness ♥ Holy Goat Pandora goats cheese, BBQ crackers and a saucer of sparkling rose. You cut the top of the cheese wheel off and just dip the crackers right on in and it’s absolutely incredible! I may have eaten all of it (and the entire packet of crackers too! Shh!)

    It was such a slow food-centric Saturday and I really loved the homey relaxed pace of it all πŸ™‚

    I’ve got my Mama and Aunty coming to visit tomorrow, so I’m taking Friday off to spend an extended weekend with them. I haven’t seen either of them yet this year, and I’m SO excited to have this time with them! ♥
    we’ve managed to plan ALL of our meals for their stay, and we’ve even scheduled in some coffee and sweet stops too! πŸ˜‰ gotta get those priorities right! Haha

    Melbourne is welcoming them with freezing temperatures and rain though, so hopefully the sun manages to peek through for at least some of their visit! ♥

    I can’t wait X


    bowery to williamsburg

    A friend suggested we head to Bowery to Williamsburg for brunch, and after stalking them online and reading their broadsheet review, we knew it had to be done.
    it’s nestled down a nondescript laneway, so much so that i thought maybe we were on the wrong street! definitely not the case though. the place was absolutely teeming with people and we headed down the stairs to meet our friends.
    Dave and Clare ♥
    first thing on the menu was coffee, though we couldn’t tell the difference between my strong flat white and Mikes strong latte? anyone? definitely loved that they all came with hersheys kisses though (and somehow i became the keeper of all the kisses! just can’t say no i suppose πŸ˜‰ hehe)
    Mikey and I (taken by Dave)
    Since i’m completely obsessed with waffles, i couldn’t go past this sweet treat, with berries, vanilla bean cream and maple syrup! ♥ yes thank you very much! i must admit, i did get a little bit jealous when i tried Mikes steak…(even though i can’t get my head around steak for breakfast!) it was crazy delicious!
    Dave was preferring the liquid brunch though πŸ˜‰
    clearly it was terrible and we didn’t like it one bit πŸ˜‰

    I’m actually super keen to come back and have lunch here, as the waffles with chicken and the mac and cheese were all sounding like my kinds of meals! i’m pretty sure this place is somewhere you just need to keep coming back to until you’ve tried everything on the menu! so tasty! definitely swing past and check them out if you’re in the city – they have a second location in Hardware Lane too. any place with waffles on the menu has my tick of approval!

    Bowery to Williamsburg
    16 Oliver Lane,


    coconut brioche and maple candied bacon oh my!

    my first meal of May definitely did not disappoint!

    i headed northside to meet my friend for brunch at Industry Beans in Fitzroy and man oh man was it tasty! β™₯
    i ordered the coconut brioche with maple candied bacon, pineapple, crushed peanuts and coffee caviar (!!!) and the flavour combination was out of this world!

    when it comes to pineapple, i like mine as is (as in – plain, by itself, and definitely not hot!) but somehow together with the brioche and the bacon it was the most perfect pairing! edible flowers never go astray either and the coffee caviar was so light and delicious – not at all what i was expecting!

    The weather decided too show us what Autumn should be, so stormy weather, rain and chilly temperatures were served up for us! I forgot to take a snap of my outfit, but i decided to layer up in all the wool i owned – a wool top, wool jacket and cashmere coat to top it all off!
    (note to self – buy more wool clothing! you are definitely going to need it come winter!)
    it’s always fun exploring new areas and this meal was proof that there are so many more delicious meals just waiting to be discovered! If you’re ever in Fitzroy I would definitely recommend popping by to try out their tasty flavour combinations – you won’t be disappointed!

    Industry Beans
    3/62 Rose St,