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daydreaming of sunny days

All these grey Melbourne days have got me daydreaming of sunshine and my recent trip to Qld…well, at least the pre-getting sick part πŸ˜‰ it was so lovely getting to soak up the sunshine and spend time with some of my favourite people – i just wish i was able to see them more often! ♥

there was! oh my – i’m pretty sure i could fill an entire blog post up with just photos of all the food i ate while i was there (don’t worry, i won’t…)
my first meal was a delicious pulled pork burger and fries for lunch
with Mama and my Stepdad (and brother and sister-in-law)♥
and of course there was coffee…
IMG_8447 copy
There was the mini roadtrip with my Dad and stepmum out to the Farm In Byron Bay
IMG_8440 copy
we had brunch at the Three Blue Ducks restaurant, and Dad’s museli was so pretty I had to take a photo!
IMG_8441 copy
more coffee…
IMG_8453 copy
we saw hilarious signs for antique stores in far flung towns
IMG_8458 copy
and ate delicious produce straight from the farm
IMG_8514 copy
we went for a spin on the boat
IMG_8525 copy
took in the scenery
and celebrated with icecreams πŸ˜‰
i found a suitcase of my Mama’s treasures, including this note i wrote to her when i was little ♥
and the prettiest windows i’ve ever seen
IMG_8581 copy
we had a great family feast
with fancy table settings
lots of bubbly
and delicious (gluten free!) birthday cake
all so we could celebrate the birthday child ♥

it’s hard to believe i actually spent a large chunk of the week in bed sick, but i suppose that’s why there are only 2 photos of coffee (hah!) πŸ˜‰ and while i do love winter (i do, honest!) i’m really missing the warmth of those sunshiney days. just give me a few days of sunshine please Melbourne? these grey days are putting a dampener on my mood!

Happy hump day friends


melbourne rainy days

Melbourne and rainy days go hand in hand, especially in winter. some days it reminds me of London and i love it, while other days i feel myself getting stir crazy and just praying for a glimpse of sunshine! today im embracing it.

We’ve got another wet cold week ahead (hello 9 degrees on Friday!) and it’s got me thinking back to traipsing through alleyways with my Mama and Aunty. exploring anywhere (and everywhere) is made that much more special when you’re with the people you love β™₯ 

Happy Monday friends! I hope this week is a good one for you x


heading north

IMG_8344 copy
i’m sitting at a little cafe at the airport drinking coffee, writing and reading. i’ve been up since 5am as i wanted to make sure i didn’t get delayed or miss my flight, and of course everything has been a breeze and i now have hours left till my flight! i’ll take this over stress anyday, so i can’t complain!

i’m heading north for the next week to spend some (long overdue!) time with my family ♥ it’s my baby brothers 30th and i’m so happy i’m going to be up there to celebrate with him! let the week long party begin! πŸ˜‰
plus i’m pretty excited to head up to some nice sunny weather – they’re predicting a top of 28 on thursday so i’ll definitelky be making the most of that! pretty sure my pale legs will blind everyone haha (meanwhile in Melbourne, we’re lucky to hit double digits! well it is winter afterall…)

it will be a little quiet over here while i soak up all the family time i can get – i’ve got a whole years worth of catching up to do in one week, so we’ll see how i go.

have a wonderful week


Here’s to more moments like these


This weekend I topped up my family fun quota a hell of a lot! My Mama and Aunty flew down to visit and we spent 3 glorious days adventuring, shopping, eating and giggling our way around Melbourne.

It was freezing and sometimes raining (thanks Melbourne!) but we walked all over town! Down all the alleyways finding all the best hidden places for brunch, lunch, coffee and sweets (ie – doughnuts! all the doughnuts!β™₯) 

We ate delicious and decadent dinners every night, had brisk morning walks along the yarra, indulged in hotel buffet breakfasts, squished into photo booths (sort of! Haha), stumbled across markets and I found my life motto in tee form πŸ˜‰

Mike was the most wonderful and patient man, as per usual, ferrying us around to keep us out of the rain and putting up with nonstop giggling and banter (I suppose he’s used to that from me! Haha)

I sometimes forget how much I miss these people – my people – until I get a brief window to spend every waking minute with them!

I’m so thankful I get to head up north next week to spend an entire week with them all β™₯ I haven’t been up since August, so this upcoming trip is well and truly overdue!

Here’s to more of these moments – filled with all the people we love the very mostβ™₯


Happy Mother’s Day Mama

 Happy Mother’s Day to my beautiful Mama β™₯  im so thankful and proud to be your daughter and i love you so very much!

(can we please re-create these outfits?! that Inspector Gadget jumper was the greatest and i also love our matching pants and sneakers!)

You’ve been my number one inspiration from day dot and I only hope to one day be as great a Mama to my own little ones as you have been to me. thank you for everything that you do and have done over the years. I appreciate everything and love you endlessly β™₯


possum-cat xxx