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Busy weeks and weddings pics

Happy 3 1/2 year anniversary Mikey! ❤️
(haha any excuse to post one of my fave pics of us, right?!)

and yes – i know! we don’t actually celebrate our half year anniversaries, but it’s today and I came across this photo of me almost flashing out the front of City Hall, so here we are 🙂

We’ve got such a busy week ahead of us and somehow the weather is meant to be somewhat spring-like! (Well, for 3 days at least!) fingers crossed! I might even be able to bust out a few of my new vintage dresses along with my unbearably pale legs! Haha please be kind Melbourne!

Wednesday night we have dinner plans with friends we haven’t seen since before we got married (see! Tying in the wedding pic to the post! 😉 haha), so we’ve definitely got loads to catch up on there!

Then Thursday we’re heading out for dinner and a movie – namely to see the new Nick Cave film One More Time With Feeling. It’s showing at 9pm at a whole host of cinemas all over the country (and world even!), before his new album Skeleton Tree drops tomorrow and it’s bound to stir up the emotions! I’m packing a box of tissues just in case (I have a habit of crying at everything!)

Friday night is burger night (one of my favourite traditions!), while Saturday and Sunday are going to be slow lazy days filled wth brunch and coffe dates – my favourite! ❤️

I know it doesn’t seem that busy to most, but I’m a total homebody – especially on weeknights! I work Monday to Friday and after work it’s straight home for dinner – it’s a habit I find hard to break. While I would love to be spontaneous, weeknights are sacred home-time to me ♥ In saying that, i’m definitely looking forward to the break in routine. You’ve got to stir things up every now and then.

Alright, let’s get this week started!


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