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July 2016


adieu july

July was a trying month. like most months i suppose…this is real life isn’t it! you will always have your ups and downs, and some months the balance just isn’t really there.

this month i’ve found myself really feeling all the feels. taking far too much on board, retreating inside myself and trying to make all the pieces fit. except instead of it being like a puzzle with some pieces missing, it’s a puzzle where so many pieces could potentially fit that you’re not quite sure which ones to use. so you sit and you stare and you ponder. then, if you’re like me, you spend large parts of your days writing it all out. trying to get it out of your head and make sense of it all. except sometimes it just doesn’t make sense. sometimes things just happen. so much is out of our control.

there are days when you want to be everything for everyone and you sometimes forget about yourself. turns out that happens quite a lot. and then, the people closest to you are there to remind you. gently at first, but constantly. and then you see the cycle. the changes the growth and the potential. you finally learn that it’s not what happens to you that defines you, but it’s how you react to it.



a saturday in five photos

weekends are my jam at the moment ♥

both Mike and I have them off, and having a car has meant we’ve been venturing out and exploring as much as possible. though that basically means we’ve been searching out food (and coffee!) on the north side πŸ˜‰

this past saturday can be summed up in the five photos below…
IMG_9200 copy
always starting the mornings with coffee ♥ news on the ipad for Mike and journalling/drafting blog posts for me!
walking puppy along the esplanade and you could have mistaken us for being in the arctic! the wind was absolutely icy and it meant our winter coats were getting a workout, but hey – blue skies, so i can’t complain πŸ˜‰
IMG_9220 copy
we headed to North Melbourne and stopped at Hot Poppy for coffee and a chicken burger – super tasty!
IMG_9228 copy
then into the city to explore stores down laneways and take photos in front of murals. I was too frozen to take off my coat and show my cute Australia tee i bought from Lunar Store during the week, and then after seeing this image I was reminded why i never wear my cons – look at my giant clown feet?! haha

the alleyway exploring was for another reason too…
IMG_9229 copy
donuts! ♥

Shortstop make the tastiest donuts around, so we grabbed some to-go and headed back home for a spot of afternoon tea. i was finally able to read the latest issue of Darling magazine too, before my body made way for a cold that i’m still trying to shake now! ughh! the worst!

and there’s my saturday in five photos ♥
have a wonderful week friends


pink hair

and just like that, my dream hair is finally a reality ♥

i’ve been dreaming of pink hair for years – maybe as far back as high school (when i had a very brief moment with some red fudge during schoolies week…) but candy pink hair that looks like a dreamy kind of fairy floss has been my ultimate hair goal for a while now. My platinum hair was only supposed to be a stepping stone towards my candy haired dreams, but i kind of got off track after falling in love with that too! whoops! haha
James from Cut the Crap is a total hair wizard! ♥ not only did he give me the dreamiest platinum locks for the past 6 months, but now i’ve got the pink hair of my dreams! the underneath is a pale pastel pink while the rest is a rather bold pink (though it’s nowhere near as bright in person…at least i don’t think it is! hah)
it somehow manages to make my pale melbourne skin look tanned too, which is a definite plus! πŸ˜‰

i’m excited to see how it will change and fade as time goes on, maybe an all over pastel dream? streaks of different colours due to my previous years of foils? who knows! i’m so excited either way and i know i’ll be documenting the crap out of this dream hair season! what better way to brighten up a gloomy winter than with a super bright colour injection?!

#pinkhairdontcare am i right?!


choose love

there are so many things i’ve wanted to write of late. so many words that i just can’t seem to get out.

i feel like lately the world has been flooded with one horrible moment after the other, so much hurt and grief and sorrow and anguish. so much that we can never process or properly understand because it simply makes no sense. it is senseless and tragic and terrifying and the world seems to be reeling as wave after wave of emotion continues to wash over us…
though it’s more like it’s pummeling us. waves crashing onto us, knocking us back a few steps, struggling to catch our footing and our breath…and before we manage to steady ourselves, another wave comes…pushing us further off balance, further out to sea, our fears continuing to deepen.
it has so uch to do with fear. fear is consuming us and we don’t know what to do or where to turn. and yes – i feel it. i fear fearful and lost and confused…but i also still feel hope. hope that we can all come together. hope that we can start choosing love over hate, that we can stop filling every moment and fibre of our being with fear.
i really hope we can.
even if sometimes it feels like the world has truly gone mad…
at least we know we can always chose love ♥

happy mail

unexpected happy mail

i was surprised to find a large box waiting for me at the post office when i went to check the mail. i wasn’t expecting anything (yet!), and i was even more confused when i saw the branding of Lush all over the box. while it sounds crazy, my first thought was that someone had stolen my credit card to buy lush products…but then i realised they wouldn’t exactly send it to me! haha
turns out my gorgeous friend Jadey had decided to surprise me with a box of delicious goodies after hearing I had been feeling under the weather lately ♥ and the name ‘Sugar Sugar’ was no joke – you could smell the delicious candy scents the minute i opened the cardboard box it arrived in!
the box alone is incredibly beautiful! so many bright colours that you can’t help but smile.
the contents are a candy lovers dream ♥

bath bombs, bubble bars, soaps, shower gels and edible lip scrub/polish!! I’ve already started using the bubble bar and it is just heavenly! it’s also meant i’ve been slowing down at night and taking a moment for myself to just relax in the tub (and read!), instead of just having a quick shower before bed. bubble baths were always one of my most favourite ways to relax, so it’s been a nice reminder to make the most of actually having a bathtub (though seriously – any tinyhouse for me would need a bathtub! i don’t know if i could do without it!)

Jadey also wrote the sweetest little note that had me in tears (happy tears mind you!). feeling so thankful to have such wonderful friends in my life ♥

Thank you so much sweet lady! you made my week! ♥


turmeric latte

Have you guys heard of turmeric lattes? I’m clearly the last person in the world to have read the memo, but Mike sent me the link to this recipe a while back and every time i asked someone if they had heard of it they raved about how good it was for you. i was intrigued (but also sceptical!)

While I was up in QLD i spotted this organic coconut milk, so I decided to try out this turmeric business for myself.
SONY DSCyou need:

  • 400mls coconut milk
  • 1 tsp turmeric
  • 1/2 tsp nutmeg
  • 1 tsp cinnamon 
  • 1/2 tsp vanilla
  • 1 tsp honey

    now i followed the recipe a little too literally, throwing in ALL the ingredients and then putting it on the heat….
    cold coconut milk filled with dry grainy ingredients means lots and lots of lumps
    and instead of 3 minutes of simmering, it was more like half an hour of constant stirring…
    before finally reaching this stage of smooth(ish!) looking liquid gold
    and while i may have taken a selfie of me consuming said liquid gold, it’s not pretty! maybe adding the ingredients to heated coconut milk would work better? or maybe tumeric juice (as i read in a dofferent article) rather than turmeric powder? the flavours itself were really delicious, it was just a bit too…gritty!

    anyone tried a turmeric latte before? what did you think?

    lifestyle tiny homes

    Teeny tiny housesΒ 

    I’ve been tiny house lovin’ for a while now, but lately it’s all I seem to think of! With that in mind, I thought I’d share a few of my favourite tiny homesΒ that i wouldn’t mind moving into πŸ˜‰

    Vista Tiny Homes

    This image still steals my heart!β™₯ large open windows surrounded by driving snow is my absolute dreamland,even if Melbournes climate will never deliver the white fluffy stuff for me!

    Priced from $46000 (US), the Vista Tiny House just looks so open and spacious, and those windows just make my heart sing! I also love the bed not being in a loft for a change, and i’d totally upgrade to the XL version for a bigger bathroom (hello washer/dryer!)

    Mint Tiny Homes

    This custom design from Mint Tiny Homes has me wanting to sell off my possessions and sign up now! Not only does it feature a spacious loft bed, but there’s a separate back room/studio, another smaller loft space and a gorgeous porch too!

    And these floating stairs?!!

    Tiny homes like this one make me realise that I seriously could turn my pipe dream into a reality. I’m already imagining a wall of hanging planter boxes filled with herbs on the porch…not to mention the incredible car we would need to buy to tow this! Haha That alone would make Mikes car dreams come true (though I have a feeling the car might cost more than the home lol)


    I just spotted the Kasita this week and I love the look and design of it. As their website states “a modern, minimal way of living” and it truly is. Actually, I think I love the CEO Jeff Wilson (aka @profdumpster) even more! From living in a dumpster for a year to travelling with no baggage, he really puts himself out there. I can’t wait to her more about this project – they begin rolling out of Austin late 2016, so I’ll be keeping tabs on this!

    New Frontier Tiny Homes

    I’m absolutely fascinated by the Alpha by New Frontier Tiny Homes. Mike spotted it today (while I was typing this post up) so I just had to include it! It’s going to be featured on HGTV’s Tiny House, Big Living next monday (11th July) and i can’t wait to see more of it! That custom fold down deck is just way too fun!

    The Vanual

    I couldn’t leave out this incredible van makeover by Zach Both, even though the lack of a Β bathroom would be too much for me (at least Β as a permanent home. I could totally do a road trip around the USA though!) The design is so beautiful and well thought out – perfect for a nomadic life!

    I seriously have all the heart eyes for the tiny house and van life movement. There really is so much in life that is uneccessary – so many things that don’t add real value to our lives. Breaking it down, finding out what really matters to you is key and I have so much admiration for the people living it and turning their dreams into reality.

    Who knows – maybe tiny house living isn’t that far off in the future for me either…

    Family travel

    daydreaming of sunny days

    All these grey Melbourne days have got me daydreaming of sunshine and my recent trip to Qld…well, at least the pre-getting sick part πŸ˜‰ it was so lovely getting to soak up the sunshine and spend time with some of my favourite people – i just wish i was able to see them more often! ♥

    there was! oh my – i’m pretty sure i could fill an entire blog post up with just photos of all the food i ate while i was there (don’t worry, i won’t…)
    my first meal was a delicious pulled pork burger and fries for lunch
    with Mama and my Stepdad (and brother and sister-in-law)♥
    and of course there was coffee…
    IMG_8447 copy
    There was the mini roadtrip with my Dad and stepmum out to the Farm In Byron Bay
    IMG_8440 copy
    we had brunch at the Three Blue Ducks restaurant, and Dad’s museli was so pretty I had to take a photo!
    IMG_8441 copy
    more coffee…
    IMG_8453 copy
    we saw hilarious signs for antique stores in far flung towns
    IMG_8458 copy
    and ate delicious produce straight from the farm
    IMG_8514 copy
    we went for a spin on the boat
    IMG_8525 copy
    took in the scenery
    and celebrated with icecreams πŸ˜‰
    i found a suitcase of my Mama’s treasures, including this note i wrote to her when i was little ♥
    and the prettiest windows i’ve ever seen
    IMG_8581 copy
    we had a great family feast
    with fancy table settings
    lots of bubbly
    and delicious (gluten free!) birthday cake
    all so we could celebrate the birthday child ♥

    it’s hard to believe i actually spent a large chunk of the week in bed sick, but i suppose that’s why there are only 2 photos of coffee (hah!) πŸ˜‰ and while i do love winter (i do, honest!) i’m really missing the warmth of those sunshiney days. just give me a few days of sunshine please Melbourne? these grey days are putting a dampener on my mood!

    Happy hump day friends

    food lifestyle

    fancy floral cakes – a cake fail pictorial

    I made this fancy looking floral cake over the weekend…but it was anything but simple!
    It may however be my best ever cake fail recovery to date! You see, I’m notoriously bad at baking cakes! Cupcakes, muffins and cookies are fine – even New York style baked cheesecakes seem to be a no brainer, but a simple vanilla sponge cake?! Don’t even get me started!

    I thought I’d give you a breakdown of the stages and emotions of cake baking that I went through, beginning at  5:15pm and (finally!) finishing at 11:37pm…

    5:15pm – super happy that I managed to get some edible flowers from the farmers market and a brand new silicon nonstick (hah!) cake tray. hopes are high and i’m enthusiastic about my success
    Sore arms are setting in because pretty sure I’ve been mixing this stuff for ages now…but oooh muscles! Well, muscles in my right arms at least! this may also have been the time when i consumed large amounts of batter to make sure it tasted ok (it tasted like batter…)
    nervous for this bad boy to bake…not quite sure how long it needs, so i spend the next hour standing awkwardly in the kitchen peering into the oven every so often…
    FullSizeRender 3 copy
    Nonstick cake tray my arse!! I waited an hour for this?! You’ve got to be kidding me. Insert angry emojis and me stomping off to eat tacos and drink ginger beer…
    after some tasty dinner and ginger beer i’ve returned with a knife and a plan. slightly dubious albeit smug about my cake-hacking ways
    cake is covered in icing. it somehow looks like a normal cake. a little too scared to put the first flower on
    Slightly excited that my evil plan appears to be working (even if I have to stop every few minutes to scrape away excess icing that is spilling from the top!)
    11:37pm – Tired but extremely happy and possibly high on excess icing sugar! Eeeps

    So many emotions for such a “simple” cake. But I am pretty happy that I was able to turn my cake fail into a success! It was for my mother-in-laws birthday (happy birthday Monika!) and she loved it! She even told me what a good job I had done, though I eventually caved (at mikes constant grinning) and told her my cake fail story (with pictures lol) but hey – I got there in the end so I can’t complain!

    But on the subject of cakes – does anyone have any go to/fail safe cake recipes that they care tho share? I used my favourite cupcake recipe (possibly my first issue hah!), though it has been about 5 years since I last baked cupcakes! I’m determined to get this cake baking business down pat!

    instagram lifestyle

    Saturday in squares(ish)

    Saturday was busy and slow and lazy all rolled into one – just how weekends should be!
    After a well deserved sleep in, we headed over to our local polling centre to vote and somehow managed to miss all of the queues! Go us!

    IMG_8821 copy
    We headed straight to our favourite cozy corner at the St Kilda Dispensary for a spot of brunch. (corn fritters with bacon for me and the baked egg special for Mikey)
    IMG_8823 copy
    My coffee was perfect and as per usual, I had to snap a photograph πŸ˜‰
    IMG_8833 copy
    After our feed we headed home and grabbed pup for a wander around the neighbourhood. People were now spilling out of polling centres, with queues snaking around buildings, but the sun was shining and it turned out to be a beautiful day. We passed this doorway and I just had to snap a pic. It’s my one of my favourite doors and i just can’t get enough of it ♥
    IMG_8840 copy
    I found a plant stall at one polling station, so naturally these 2 plant babies came home with me. I also grabbed some beeswax candles from our local farmers market – their  scent is just heavenly! 
    IMG_8857 copy
    The rest of the evening was spent baking a ‘simple’ vanilla buttercream cake…(but more on that saga later! lol)

    And thus concludes my Saturday in squares(ish)! You can follow along on Instagram – I’m @cheraynatalie overe there too! Pop by and say hi!

    Have a happy Monday friends, and a Happy 4th of July to my friends across the pond ♥