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May 2016


Here’s to more moments like these


This weekend I topped up my family fun quota a hell of a lot! My Mama and Aunty flew down to visit and we spent 3 glorious days adventuring, shopping, eating and giggling our way around Melbourne.

It was freezing and sometimes raining (thanks Melbourne!) but we walked all over town! Down all the alleyways finding all the best hidden places for brunch, lunch, coffee and sweets (ie – doughnuts! all the doughnuts!β™₯) 

We ate delicious and decadent dinners every night, had brisk morning walks along the yarra, indulged in hotel buffet breakfasts, squished into photo booths (sort of! Haha), stumbled across markets and I found my life motto in tee form πŸ˜‰

Mike was the most wonderful and patient man, as per usual, ferrying us around to keep us out of the rain and putting up with nonstop giggling and banter (I suppose he’s used to that from me! Haha)

I sometimes forget how much I miss these people – my people – until I get a brief window to spend every waking minute with them!

I’m so thankful I get to head up north next week to spend an entire week with them all β™₯ I haven’t been up since August, so this upcoming trip is well and truly overdue!

Here’s to more of these moments – filled with all the people we love the very mostβ™₯

outfits vintage

blue velvet dresses and a sea of green

i’m not very good at having my photo taken. i have no idea what to do with my hands or feet, whether to smile, stare at the camera and i end up pulling a million awkward/awful faces (or i just scowl. such a pretty look) I also have that thing where when i smile, my eyes completely disappear as my cheeks totally take over!
somehow, let’s just call if pure determination (exasperation?!), Penny manages to get some of my favourite shots. i’m almost certain it’s because she just ends up taking so many photos of me, i eventually stop being such a scarecrow and relax enough for a half decent photo to emerge.
at least that’s what i’m going to go with anyway! we found a little spot in the gardens where a wedding was held the previous day, hence the white rose petals scattered around my feet.

i’m wearing: //vintage dress – thrifted//wool & leather jacket – Ted Baker//mini satchel bag – Ted Baker//denim ballet flats – Target//tights – Woolworths//bangles – Sly Pony//

I can’t even tell you how many photos Penny actually took in the time that we were there, except that there were a lot…and in most of them i’m either looking deadpan at the camera, i have my eyes closed (seems to be a family trait in photos) or i’m twirling like i maniac…
IMG_7799 copy
turns out – they’re my favourite ones β™₯ haha

i guess there’s capturing an image of someone and then there’s really getting someones personality to shine through…and turns out the crazy, twirling, laughing outtakes are the real me πŸ˜‰

Thanks for being my substitute #instagramhusband Penny! x

food lifestyle

Saturday and so much food

Saturday began as all of my days do – with coffee!
Mike made a delicious breakfast of scrambled eggs, bacon and hashbrowns 
Pup joined us at the table and was longing for some food, but not even her big puppy dog eyes would sway us
Unfortunately for her, we all had to stay indoors for the morning as we had tradies coming to fix some wiring in the house πŸ™ so Mike was at one end of the house with the tradies, while pup and i were at the other end.
When we finally were free, we headed to my favourite cafe for lunch – and more coffee!
the St kilda Dispensary! 
We decided to share the chicken sandwich as its so filling and delicious (plus we were planning on an early dinner). it would be way too easy to have one of these everyday as they’re just so good!
Mike snapped me snapping lunch
So of course I had to snap him back! Haha

Our plan to walk the dog to go and find tasty treats was thwarted when a bird decided to pop in my head! πŸ™ they say its good luck, but like my Dad says “good luck it’s on you and not me!” πŸ™ I wasn’t happy (understatement of the year!)
After walking home to clean my head (have a hissy fit/sulk) we walked to the local gardens where I bought a new plant baby to cheer myself up. This guys name is Gollum and I love how he looks like some sort of underwater creature – like some fancy coral!
We managed to grab some tasty treats while doing groceries and Im so glad Mike convinced me to get the rocky road! It was so rich and dense and tasty!! ♥
he grabbed a a jam doughnut and we had them with cups of tea! So perfect! 
Kerouac doing what she does best – sleeping! Hah! And being unimpressed that I’m sticking a camera in her pretty little face πŸ˜‰
I’m still not quite used to the sun setting so early, but it was the most beautiful sunset! I could see a red glow coming from the kitchen, and when I went to investigate I was rested with a stunning mix of pinks and purples.
We had an early dinner of stand and stuff tacos, which seriously changes everything! no more taco spills and stuffing going everywhere! just load those babies up! all the extra sour cream and salsa on mine please! πŸ˜‰
I spent the rest of the night editing photos, blogging and catching up on my favourite blogs – oh and eating this deliciousness ♥ Holy Goat Pandora goats cheese, BBQ crackers and a saucer of sparkling rose. You cut the top of the cheese wheel off and just dip the crackers right on in and it’s absolutely incredible! I may have eaten all of it (and the entire packet of crackers too! Shh!)

It was such a slow food-centric Saturday and I really loved the homey relaxed pace of it all πŸ™‚

I’ve got my Mama and Aunty coming to visit tomorrow, so I’m taking Friday off to spend an extended weekend with them. I haven’t seen either of them yet this year, and I’m SO excited to have this time with them! ♥
we’ve managed to plan ALL of our meals for their stay, and we’ve even scheduled in some coffee and sweet stops too! πŸ˜‰ gotta get those priorities right! Haha

Melbourne is welcoming them with freezing temperatures and rain though, so hopefully the sun manages to peek through for at least some of their visit! ♥

I can’t wait X

other pretty things

Other pretty things – think warm thoughts

I’m currently standing with a small heater 2 inches away from my feet while I think warm thoughts (note – it’s not really working!) Melbourne is really starting to cool right down and I’m feeling really unprepared for the coming winter months…i suppose it will be ok if the thermostat at works realises that it is in fact cold and going into air-con mode will not help matters! rahh

I just booked a flight up to see my family next month though, and I absolutely cannot wait! It’s been almost a year (shameful I know!) since I was last there and I get an entire week to spend with them all β™₯ Β and did I mention the heat? Yeah – it’s still basically summer up there! No cardis or tights required (though I’m sure I’ll be a typical melbournian and bring the winter weather with me! Eeep! Sorry in advance Queenslanders! πŸ˜‰ haha)

Here are a few things I’ve seen around the inter webs that’s I love/want/can’t stop laughing at πŸ˜‰

  • Have you seen the video of the lady with the chewbacca mask?! Seriously – best.thing.ever! πŸ™‚ her laugh alone had me in stitches – so so good!
  • I so badly want this smiths jumper. And one for Mike. And for our future (future!) babies! Ahhh! So damn cute β™₯
  • I can’t get enough of this myrtle & moss hand cream. It’s made here in Australia and the bergamot rind, tangerine and geranium leaf has the dreamiest scent! I just want to lather myself in it!
  • This article on blogging really spoke to me, so much so that it actually prompted my previous post πŸ™‚
  • I’m so in love with this 5 piece capsule wardrobe by Vetta! (Though my love of vintage and colour makes me wonder if I could ever make the switch!)
  • This tiny home in Joshua Tree! β™₯ so much yes!! can i move in now??

What’s making you tick this week friends? Any happy links I need to see? Let me know in the comments below.

Happy Monday X


Autumn has got me like woaaah

A video posted by Cheray (@cheraynatalie) on

Weekends are my jam at the moment! β™₯

The sun has been shining, it’s been unseasonably warm and I’ve been packing so much in, while also managing to get that healthy dose of relaxation (totally necessary for me to function during the week! That and coffee of course!)

My plans of blogging all Friday night disappeared at about 9pm, when I put my head down to ‘rest’ and slept all the way through to Saturday! Mind you – Mike and his friends were in the lounge with a movie blasting and that didn’t stop me! Haha clearly I was exhausted!

I’ve spent a lot of the past week pondering why I’m blogging again and what the purpose of this blog is…and I’ve realised that I just really enjoy writing! More than that even, I love being able to share little pieces of my life and I love the friendships that I’ve made through blogging over the years β™₯  plus it gives me a reason to go through and sort out all of my photos, rather then just letting them languish in my iPhoto library (all 53,000+ of them..!)

Blogging pushed me to try new things. I delve headfirst into vintage after existing solely in denim and tees for most of my teens/early adult life. Hell – I currently don’t even own a pair of jeans at the moment! (I ripped my only pair a few weeks ago and it was a sad sad day πŸ™ )

I hoarded vintage, opened a vintage store (online and at markets), closed said vintage store and then sold off (or donated) all of the remaining stock. I evolved from a true maximalist with a love of all things eclectic and clashing to a person I didn’t even know – craving minimalism and simplicity. I got married, found a lump in my breast, travelled extensively and turned my blog friends into real life friends, all the while grappling (as we all do) with who I was and where I fit in this world.

And that’s the thing – a blog is like an elevated journal. Because sure, you need to put your words and thoughts and fears out there, and it may be pretty daunting at first, but once you get over that you realise that your words connect with people. That you are not the only one of your species – with your strange likes and quirks (I do a happy dance and hum when eating foods I really love! And I have no idea I’m doing it! Hah! So great)

It’s a virtual soundboard and meeting place – somewhere you can put all of your thoughts and ideas and get back answers and suggestions and encouragement.

I really missed that. So much.

So that’s why I’ve started blogging again. To challenge myself to get out of my comfort zone, to connect with new friends and reconnect with old friends. Maybe even to finally learn how to properly do my makeup (hah! Unlikely but we shall see!) and just to have a little corner to share pieces of my life.
IMG_7842 copy
So, expect way too many photos and a whole lot of rambling…because it’s kind of what I do best πŸ™‚


sunday snaps

Sunday was one of those days that I wish i could do over and over again β™₯

After a delicious home cooked breakfast we drove over to Yarraville to check out the Caths Cine Collectors Fair held at the Old Scouts Hall. After a rummage through some of the goodies, we scored a brilliant vintage projector stand for only $10! It will be absolutely perfect for our projector – which is currently living on a vintage bar – so i can’t wait to get it all cleaned up! There were a lot of old super 8 cameras there too, so Mike had to drag me away before i started up my vintage camera buying all over again!

We spent our the rest of our day meandering around Yarraville, Seddon, North Melbourne, Kensington, Footscray and then Fitzroy – all the places we never seem to get to when we’re without a car!
We found some delicious coffee in Seddon while we waited for the 2 vintage stores to open, but after almost 1 1/2 hours of waiting, we had to give up! πŸ™ Mike was not-so-secretly happy though, because he knew that i was all ready to spend my pennies on some pretty dresses! β™₯ next time…

We also came across the Kensington Markets, where I got my nails done by the sweetest lady called Amy! (@beautique_by_amy on instagram!) $10 for a shape and polish, which absolutely made my day! finally – pretty nails that are not smudged or cracked or chipped (and are actually painted properly! i’m far too impatient to wait for them to dry if i do them myself!)

I’m really going to miss having the car next month, so i suppose we’ll have to make the most of it while we’ve got it!

Weekend exploring is the best!



bowery to williamsburg

A friend suggested we head to Bowery to Williamsburg for brunch, and after stalking them online and reading their broadsheet review, we knew it had to be done.
it’s nestled down a nondescript laneway, so much so that i thought maybe we were on the wrong street! definitely not the case though. the place was absolutely teeming with people and we headed down the stairs to meet our friends.
Dave and Clare ♥
first thing on the menu was coffee, though we couldn’t tell the difference between my strong flat white and Mikes strong latte? anyone? definitely loved that they all came with hersheys kisses though (and somehow i became the keeper of all the kisses! just can’t say no i suppose πŸ˜‰ hehe)
Mikey and I (taken by Dave)
Since i’m completely obsessed with waffles, i couldn’t go past this sweet treat, with berries, vanilla bean cream and maple syrup! ♥ yes thank you very much! i must admit, i did get a little bit jealous when i tried Mikes steak…(even though i can’t get my head around steak for breakfast!) it was crazy delicious!
Dave was preferring the liquid brunch though πŸ˜‰
clearly it was terrible and we didn’t like it one bit πŸ˜‰

I’m actually super keen to come back and have lunch here, as the waffles with chicken and the mac and cheese were all sounding like my kinds of meals! i’m pretty sure this place is somewhere you just need to keep coming back to until you’ve tried everything on the menu! so tasty! definitely swing past and check them out if you’re in the city – they have a second location in Hardware Lane too. any place with waffles on the menu has my tick of approval!

Bowery to Williamsburg
16 Oliver Lane,

other pretty things

Other pretty things – Monday’s and wish lists

Happy Monday friends!

I’ve had such a jam-packed but wonderful weekend, and I’m still buzzing after it all β™₯  

I managed to tick off so much from my to-do list (yes!) and spent all of Sunday exploring different suburbs with my love! My heart is seriously about to burst!

And while I woke to sunny skies, it’s a chilly 8 degrees and they’re predicting rain and storms all afternoon…so I decided to compile a wish list of my favourite sparkly things to brighten up today!

  1. The new rose gold saltwater sandals – I’ve almost worn my silver ones to death and I’ve had my eyes peeled for these ever since they mentioned the possibility of making them! Yes yes and yes!
  2. Bird in hand sparkling rose – this has been on my wish list for months but I can’t seem to find it anywhere?! Anyone seen this somewhere?
  3. New linen bedding like this charcoal sprinkle sprinkle set from Feliz– there’s nothing better than crisp sheets, plus these guys are based in Melbourne! And such fun prints too!
  4. A new gold macbook – now, my laptop is a little old, and I’m about to take over Mikes MacBook Pro, but after holding that pretty in my hands I can’t stop lusting over it! Im pretty sure that makes it a want and not just a need – right?!
  5. A new summery vintage dress like this one from Simplicity is Bliss β™₯ I’ve been lusting over so many beautiful vintage dresses of late and I think I need to add a few more to my collection! (also this and this…apparently I have a thing with blue πŸ˜‰ hehe)
  6. A posey subscription like this one offered by Hi Petal – or one by Daily Blooms. imagine receiving a new bunch of flowers delivered to you every week?! It’s kind of my dream and it’s one that might have to happen over winter! 
  7. Miu miu noir green sparkle sunglasses – I was lusting over the red ones when they first came out but these beauties take the cake! Plus I’m sure my Kate spade shades need a new sparkly friend! πŸ˜‰

I could definitely go on, but I better save some for later.if you know of any other sparkly goodness please link me in the comments below! 

Have a great week lovelies 



    lists, weekends and friday the 13th

    usually, this would be an accurate portrayal of our weekends – slow, lazy, close to home, with lots of coffee and long walks with puppy. (there’s also the groceries and tidying up but shhh no one wants to see photos of that! haha)
    this weekend will be a definite deviation from the norm, and i’m pretty excited about it!

    Saturday we’ve got friends visiting from interstate, so we’re heading out for brunch in the city at a really incredible looking cafe a friend suggested to me! i already know that i want to order some sort of waffles, because they’re my favourite and they’re never on the menu anywhere i go! ♥
    while we’re in the city we thought we’d do some shopping, and when i say that i mean that Mike is going to the footy and i will be wandering around checking out all the shops πŸ˜‰

    i’ve got a list of things i’m looking for, including warm cardigans (preferably wool), a few pairs of ballet flats and some fake eyelashes! haha – i wore some for my friends wedding and loved how they looked, so my hairdresser suggested i check out Daiso for a few fun cheap pairs and i start experimenting! Oh and to MAC for some good eyelash glue πŸ˜‰

    Sunday we’re heading on a mini road trip of sorts – we have a car for a few weeks, so we thought we better make the most of it!
    first stop is a cine collectables fair in Yarraville for Mike, finding a cafe somewhere for some coffee/lunch and i’ve got 2 vintage stores i want to check out in Seddon. Fingers crossed for some goodies ♥

    happy friday the 13th friends! Tonight we’re having burgers (our friday tradition) and watching some sort of horror film that i’m sure will give me nightmares! hah!

    have a wonderful weekend


    Save me San Francisco

    there are so many words i could write about this city.
    so many words that could never do her justice.

    it’s true that i fell in love with San Francisco the minute i stepped onto her hallowed ground (after a very long journey via greyhound bus from Seattle…but that’s a whole different story in itself!)

    my initial 3 day visit stretched into 5 days, and then 7 days…no matter how much i packed into my days i just wanted more and more! (this was also the same time that Mike and i first met ♥)
    It’s the first place where i instantly felt at home. i’m more comfortable walking her streets than any other that i’ve set foot on – anywhere! it’s a big thing to realise you are in love with a city. everything about her sets my heart on fire and i greet each day with wide eyed wonder.

    i was curious whether, after 13 years, my love would have faded. Something felt different on my last trip (3 years ago) and i never managed to put my finger on it. we were eloping then though – we had told no one so the whole trip was a blur of excitement and nerves (what if the paperwork doesn’t go through?! what if they say no? what if my parents are mad?! ahh!). plus it meant we didn’t actually have time to relax and soak up the city as per usual.

    my trip in January this year was my first solo adventure since my initial visit back in 2003, and it was everything i hoped for – and then some! i learnt so much about myself while i was there. so many moments of clarity. so much time to just be and think and absorb… you know that moment when suddenly everything clicks into place? yeah – that happened!

    my last (full) day there was just perfect. beautiful sunshine, a chilly 4 degrees, but i rugged up in all of my layers and spent almost 8 hours walking 34kms of her streets. up towering hills, by the beautiful bay and all the way to the Golden Gate Bridge – my beacon ♥ i wandered all over my favourite city, soaking up all of her beauty and slowing processing all of the lessons she had for me.

    everything was there, it always has been i suppose, and bit by bit i started putting all of the pieces together…
    there will still never be enough words to convey my intense love for this place.

    i feel so alive when i’m there. time is altered and life seems to pass on a much higher frequency…
    and for now, i’m ok with that.
    i just know that i most definitely left my heart, or at least a piece of it, there in that beautiful city by the bay ♥