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April 2016


April Skies and goodbyes

Aprils ending caught me off guard – it feels like such a transitional month and i’m not quite sure that I managed to get up to date with it all! It’s been a huge month for growth though, and i suppose that’s why it seems to have flown by so quickly. I finally have my space here back up and running (after far too much procrastination!) and i’m slowly going through and updating the archives – so keep your eyes peeled!

The weather has been all over the place too – in true Melbourne form I suppose, withΒ temperatures dropping one minute and then soaring back up there next. it feels like every other day the weather person is telling us that ‘this is the last of the warm weather, so make the most of it’, but before you know it, it’s hot again!

today was a beautiful (and unseasonably warm) day – a fitting farewell April when you think about it!

so with that, i bid farewell to April and welcome May with open arms β™₯ they’re predicting storms and much cooler temperatures tomorrow, so i guess we’ll see πŸ˜‰


3 day weekends and pink dresses

Somehow Melbourne forgot that it’s Autumn and sheΒ decided to gift us with the most beautiful Spring(esque) weather of late, so we spent the long weekend soaking it all up – way to go Melbourne! β™₯

We had a nice slow start to our Monday – a much needed sleep in, some strong coffee (thanks to our nespresso we don’t even need to leave the house/put on clothes! winning!) followed by Mikey cooking us a breakfast feast while I slogged away at T25 (have you heard of it? it’s a slightly less insane version of Insanity)…so maybe lets call it a semi slow start to the day! πŸ˜‰
After breakfast we got dressed into some summery clothes to take pup for a stroll around the neighbourhood.Β I was finally able to wear my new (to me) vintage dress I bought from Kell of The Storybook Rabbit and it’s an absolute dream! fitted waist, gorgeous open back and pockets!!!Β yes!!Β not to mention the perfect shade of pink with white geometric shapes all over it β™₯

it’s love in a dress i tell you! β™₯
//dress – storybookrabbitvintageΒ // sunnies – Kate Spade // bangles –Β Sly PonyΒ &Β McKean StudioΒ // shoes – saltwater sandals // cardi – unknown?// Β (on the phone to my Mama β™₯)

I also had my hair freshly done on Sunday afternoon, so i was feeling very chipper indeed! If only regrowth never happened…i’m pretty sure that would make me the happiest lady ever!

The sky was just the most perfect shade of blue and we slowly wandered around our neighbourhood Β taking in all of the beautiful buildings. The White House is one of my favourites, and i loved this image I managed to snap of it peeking out through the trees! so very beautiful!

Puppy was determined to not look at us whenever we went to take a snap of her – it’s kind of her thing really. she’ll be pulling the cutest face and as soon as the camera comes out, she casually turns her head away! Mike managed to snap this pic of her looking like a true regal beagle – or as he called it “Puppy of Thrones”

The rest of the day was spent cooking a pot of veg and lentil soup, baking a creamy chicken pie, and ‘helping’ Mike bake a delicious chocolate swirl cheesecake (by help I mean eating the leftover digestive biscuits, licking leftover cheesecake mixture off the spoons, putting leftover melted chocolate onto digestive biscuits and continuing to eat…lots of ‘helping’…)
There was also a lot of cleaning and washing done, before being forced to hide inside after a wasp decided my kitchen was the place to be! eep! apparently waving your arms madly in the air only infuriates them more, so that wasp was pretty pissed at me! whoops!

we’ve got another week of warm weather predicted, so i’ll be soaking up as much of it as possible – if the weather people have managed to get it right that is! (it is Melbourne, after all!)

3 days weekends are definitely where it’s at though! we’ve been spoiled with quite a few of them of late and i’m really loving them – maybe i need to make this a permanent thing?! πŸ˜‰

have a happy week friends


vintage daze

KenneBec Vintage is my new favourite vintage store – but it’s not around for long! They popped up in St Kilda over the Summer, but are closing their doors on May 14th (noooo!) to head back over to the USA and source another shop load of vintage awesomeness!
I’ve already managed to purchase a gorgeousΒ vintage desk that came from a naval shipyard (it’s still covered in ‘stuff’ so i promise to share as soon as it’s somewhat tidy!) on my first visit, and follow up visits seem to be with Mike in tow – mainly too stop me from purchasing any and everything else! I could honestly spend hours in there, as there are so many incredible goodies on offer!

I did manage to pop past with Penny after brunch one day, and low and behold, i bought something! whoops! (seems like Mike knows me a little too well hah!) we spent forever staring at all of the wonderfully curated products and chatting to the lovely owner Bec. She has such an incredible eye, and although i’ll be sad to see her leave us for the Winter, i cannot wait to see what she has in store for us next Summer!

if you love American vintage, make sure you pop on by before May 14th! They’re open daily from 10am – 6pm.

Kennebec Vintage
144 Chapel St,
St Kilda,


tokyo dreaming

soΒ it happened…
after months of trying to convince everyone I know to book a trip to Japan (so i can live vicariously through them, of course!) and weeks of pining over the influx of cherry blossom pics clogging up my instagram feed (seriously – was everyone in Tokyo this year?! so jealous!) we caved and booked a trip over! β™₯ β™₯

Half an hour after clicking the Jetstar sale link and telling Mike i was ‘just having a look’ (hah!) we had return tickets for 2 booked for under $800! yes!! I’m so excited, i’m pretty sure i spent the rest of the evening in a total daze imagining all the wonder that is to come…oh, and instagram stalking too! I just had to go back over all those pics that had popped up in my feed and then add even more cafes to my ‘must visit’ list!

Our last trip to Japan was a little over a year ago, but after leaving planning to the last minute we found ourselves rushing from place to place, never having time to just relax in one spot and fully take it all in. We also only ended up in Tokyo for a couple of days at the beginning and end of our trip, and it just felt very rushed. We’re planning on doing this trip differently – setting up in one (or two) locations over 2 weeks and just fully immersing ourselves in our surroundings.

If you’ve been to Tokyo recently, any hints and tips are more than welcome! Have you been in Autumn? this is our first time andΒ i’ve been told the colours are out of this world! β™₯

Give me all the plum wine and crazy flavoured kit kats please!
6 months till we’re back and i absolutely cannot wait!



I like gold

While it’s not the greatest shot in the world, it does prove that my love for gold is currently rather strong (we won’t even talk about how much I’m pining over the gold MacBook!! Ahhh! Seriously – it’s the laptop of my dreams!! β™₯)

I took my new gold American apparel heels out for a spin and decided to accessorise with my Kate Spade shades and some of my favourite Sly Pony bangles (I’m wearing the gold clear midi bangle, the superfancy black square bangle and the superfancy clear octagon bangle!)

And while I felt super sparkly and blingy, turns out my shoes gave me the blister from hell… so it’s sandals for the foreseeable Β future (thank goodness the weathers turned summery this week!)

Still, I absolutely love my new heels! β™₯ Maybe next time I’ll just wear them with socks or tights?! Yeah – that sounds like a plan!



Goodbye daylight savings, hello happy hour

When daylight savings came to its very abrupt end i was most definitely not ready or prepared – the words that come to mind are more along the lines of mortified and pining for daylight..! but thankfully my work hours were also revised, meaning i now get to finish a whole hour earlier! (and while that may not sound like much, believe me when i say it is!)

To celebrate having this newly found hour of my life back (along with the fact that i would now finish in time for happy hour! woo!) i headed out with the girls for my first after work drinks in a long long time!

We got sidetracked by American Apparel on the way, where i became the new owner of a pair of very fancy gold heels, but more on those later πŸ˜‰

We headed to a little hole in the wall bar down a side street for our night to begin.

my favourite two Clarkes β™₯ β™₯

$4 basic spirits meant the g&ts started flowing strong and fast – especially with happy hour ending at 7pm (and a $20 minimum on eftpos! whoops!) and before long our table was awash with glasses! we were having so much fun we even followed up with espresso martinis (note to self- if you want to be able to sleep at some stage during the night do not drink espresso martinis! )

so delicious!

By 9pm we realised that our original plans of a 7pm burger dinner were running a bit off schedule, so we bundled over to Parlour Diner to fill our bellies with deliciousness.

we ordered a side of curly fries and fat onion rings to get us started, but managed to finish them before i was able to take a snap (that would be the 2 empty white bowls in shot! hah)
i ordered the chicken burger, which has to be the tastiest burgers i’ve ever had – definitely the tastiest chicken burger i’ve ever consumed!

It was the perfect way to farewell daylight savings while initiating myself into evening outings!
After almost 2 years of late closes, i almost don’t know what to do with myself! anyone for after work dinner and drinks?!